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Unhappily Ever After: Artist Depicts Grim Fates For Disney Characters

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 16 September 2014
Unhappily Ever After: Artist Depicts Grim Fates For Disney Characters© Jeff Hong/Tumblr

If you took the talking animals, mermaids and Princesses out of their fairytale worlds and into the modern day, where would it leave them? NYC-based animation storyboard artist Jeff Hong has answered that question with a series of fascinating (and thoroughly depressing) depictions of life for our favourite Disney characters if they were deprived of their happily ever after...

Elsa stranded on melting ice caps

Lilo & Snitch left homeless

Tarzan tamed

Sleeping Beauty harrassed at a bar

Robin Hood arrested

101 Dalmatians caged

Experimenting on Remy

Making Belle beautiful

Winnie the Pooh outside the 100 Acre Wood

Simba in a zoo

Bambi on the wall

Alice out of Wonderland

Cinderella without a Fairy Godmother

Dumbo in the circus

Ariel in an oil spill

Esmerelda homeless

Mulan in smog-riddled China

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