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Uptown Funk Sung By The Movies Is Our New Favourite Thing

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 3 August 2015
Uptown Funk Sung By The Movies Is Our New Favourite Thing© Youtube

What do you get if you're a YouTuber with WAY too much time on your hands? A rendition of Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars' smash hit 'Uptown Funk' sang via 280 movies of course! According to the YouTuber in question, dondrapersayswhat, this vid took THREE MONTHS to make and honestly? We're not surprised. It's AWESOME.

The original Uptown Funk is great. So are the many, many spoof videos (one of our personal favourite being the Voldemort rendition 'Dark Lord Funk'), but this one has to be up there with the greats. The sheer effort that went into this alone deserves applause!

280 movies have been used to perfectly sing Uptown Funk, and we'll high five ANYONE who tries to name all of them (or if you'd rather not, just click on closed captions to see what movie each bit is from). Check it out...


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