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WATCH: Adele's Music Video For Brand New Single 'Hello' Is Here And It Is Incredible

by Emmy Griffiths ,
WATCH: Adele's Music Video For Brand New Single 'Hello' Is Here And It Is Incredible

We've waited so long for a new Adele song (and music video) that we could hardly believe our luck when we woke up this morning and it was right there, waiting for us. Get ready to be hit RIGHT in the feels by Adele's amazing new single. How we've missed her!

The video begins with Adele stood outside an old house, trying to get phone signal.

"I just got here and I think I'm losing signal already." She says. "Hello? Can you hear me now?"

"Sorry." She says, giving up on the call on a flip phone (an indication of how out of touch she's become, perhaps?) and entering a long abandoned house.

Ripping all of the white sheets off the furniture, she takes a sigh of relief and looks at the camera properly for the first time and just like that, Adele is BACK and we are crying tears of love. Never leave us again.

We might be getting carried away but the song is INCREDIBLE and we're already smelling the Grammys! Check out the video that we fully expect to break the Internet!


As you can imagine, we're not the only ones to be freaking OUT right now...

More importantly, people are OBSESSED with her eyeliner skills...

And of course the flip phone was mentioned.

What do you think of her new single? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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Emmy Griffiths
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