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WATCH: Diddy takes a dance break at his daughters' birthday party

by the editorial team Published on 23 December 2013
WATCH: Diddy takes a dance break at his daughters' birthday party© Getty

OMG. This is TOO cute. Sean "Diddy" Combs often seems like a tough guy, but apparently he's just a regular, silly dad when it comes to his kids. The rap mogul recently posted a video on Instagram in which he dances with his Hello Kitty pajama-clad twin girls on their birthday. Watch it and melt!

You absolutely must check out this video of Diddy with his daughters. He dances to Beyonce's "Grown Woman" with his twin girls during their birthday slumber party. They turned 7 on Saturday.

"Beyonce's album makes me feel like …" he yelled before pretending to collapse from exhaustion.

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Diddy captioned the photo with, "Y'all got watch my midnight birthday dance with My daughters. Happy Birthday Jessie James and D'Lila Star!!! Daddy loves you!!!"

Earlier in the day, Diddy posted a posed photo of the girls, writing, "Happy Birthday to these two princesses of mine! Daddy loves you so much Jessie James and D'lila Star #CombsTwins"


Aw. We always knew you were a softie, Diddy!

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