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Why Blake Lively's Pregnancy Debut Proves She's The Ultimate Modern Mum

by Dagney Pruner Published on 22/10/2014 at 22:30
Why Blake Lively's Pregnancy Debut Proves She's The Ultimate Modern Mum © Getty Images

Although Blake Lively is known for keeping her personal life quiet, she made everyone's day at the beginning of October when she announced that she and her perfect man candy, Ryan Reynolds, were expecting. Monday night we finally got to see the happy couple back on the red carpet and giving that baby bump the debut that it truly deserves (I mean look at the gene pool it's coming from). And Blake's dress? HOT. She's totally leading the modern mum movement.

When you think of baby bump dresses the styles "empire waist" or "baby doll" or even "potato sack" come to mind. But these days, women are encouraged to show off their lil buns in the oven. Kate Middleton started paving the way with her first appearance after she gave birth to lil George (which I'm sure she accomplished with total grace - because she is royal and all). Kate proudly showed off her post-baby bump instead of wearing a sack of a dress because guess what!? Pregnancy and postpartum women have bellies, and it doesn't mean the mums aren't smokin' hot. If you need more convincing, please see below.

So now that the modern mum is encouraged to show off that little nugget that is (or was) growing in her tummy, how do you give the baby bump the debut it deserves? By dressing it in Gucci, that's how. Blake Lively took the opportunity Monday night to remind the world that pregnant women ARE sexy. And in case you weren't convinced? She made sure that her cleavage was giving just enough of a "hello" to all the haters that think pregnant women need to cover up. Welcome to the modern world, ladies and gents.

Oh and in case you feel like torturing yourself with how cute these two are...

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Dagney Pruner
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