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Why Is This UK Man Being Led Around On A Lead?

by Stephanie Ashley Published on 11 April 2014
Why Is This UK Man Being Led Around On A Lead?© Twitter - Ian Jeffery

Today was just a normal day in London...until people started noticing a man being led around Farringdon on a dog lead. Is this some kind of BDSM foreplay or a publicity stunt?


A woman walking around, holding her latte and a dog lead in London is no big deal, right? What if there's a businessman on the other end of that lead, though.

Earlier today, a woman in black slacks walked along, sipping her coffee, as she led a well-dressed man around by a doggy lead. (You think he'll ruin that nice outfit down on all fours?)

Twitter has exploded with people taking pictures of the strange sight, and everyone's been wondering: why on Earth is this man walking around on all fours like an animal? We've got a few ideas!

Maybe he lost a bet.

Maybe he's an honest man who got the short end of the stick and had the guts to hold up his end of the bargain!

They're auditioning for Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sorry guys, those kinky roles have already been cast. Nice try though!

It's BDSM, and he loves being dominated.

Hey, people get their kicks in many different ways, so perhaps this is just their version of foreplay?

It's just another viral stunt.

Just like this tweeter, we've become too desensitised to crazy stunts. Though this one certainly tops our list of recent things that turned our heads!

He's been hypnotised by a magician.

Remember that scene from Now You See Me when Woody Harrelson has a husband admit to cheating on his wife? You never know.

It's a PR campaign for Agent Provocateur.

People say they first saw the couple around the area of an Agent Provocateur store. Maybe they stopped by for some sexy gadgets and decided to try this one out in public?

He is absolutely terrified of that woman.

To be honest, we have to agree with this lady that it would be a TOTALLY different scenario if it was a woman on her knees. Sexual equality?

It was a campaign for Universal Jobmatch.

This graphic supporting Universal Jobmatch has popped up in the Twittersphere, but we're not so sure this act was specifically a PR stunt for them (though well done if it was!) Perhaps, like Duane Reade, they were simply taking advantage of a high-profile moment?

What's your guess as to why this businessman is being led around the urban streets on a lead? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Stephanie Ashley
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