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16 Things Your Mum Was Right About All Along

by Lareese Craig ,
16 Things Your Mum Was Right About All Along© Pinterest

Remember the days when your mum could do no right and everything she did was met with eye-rolls and sarcasm? Don’t shave your arms, don't dye your hair, you’re too young for boyfriends. We learnt the hard way, and now it’s time to say thanks for all those times you said no, ruined our lives and embarrassed us because it turns out you were spot on. Here’s 16 things your mum was right about.

1. Dyeing your hair

She swore blind we'd regret stripy yellow highlights and we did. In fact we do. Here we are still trying to work our way back to our natural colour. WHY did we start this?

2. Shaving... anything

"If you shave it'll grow back twice as hairy," she said, but when we were in the shower we couldn't resist. Arms, legs, underarms - all signs that we'd ever started puberty... gone and a lifetime of stubble control ensued. Doh.

3. Making the most of your childhood

Sure watching Tots TV with a bag of Wotsits and cheese and cucumber sarnies seemed OK when you were six but man alive what we'd give now for some CITV downtime and snacks on tap.

4. Playing outside

If your mum told you to play outside now you'd happily make daisy chains and sit on grass verges all day. But now you're stuck in an office, where the only sign of the great outdoors is a dying chilli plant weeping on your desk. Sigh.

5. Having boyfriends

We're not convinced we'll ever be old enough to have boyfriends. How can you mentally prepare yourself for living with a boy!


6. Tattoos

That dolphin you got with your best friend...you'll be getting that removed pretty sharpish.

7. Wearing makeup

Little girls in a full face of makeup. It genuinely upsets us. Why can't they just embrace being young? They're trying to grow up too fast. The penny drops. We're saying the things we swore we'd never say. We are... our mothers.

8. Belly button piercings

"Just because Chloe got her belly button pierced doesn't mean you have to. If your friend jumped off a bridge would you?" Classic mum. In hindsight she was right, and we have the ugly naval scar to prove it.

9. Cutting your hair

Mums want their little girls to look young and girly forever, hence persuading you to keep your Rapunzel locks no matter what age. But girls will be girls. You went ahead and butchered your locks and you're still not over it. And if she's honest, neither is your mum.

10. Eating your fruit and veg

Getting us to eat sprouts and carrots was no mean feat back then but now, hell we're throwing them in smoothies, drinking them for breakfast and baking them to make crisps. Sorry mum!

11. Going to bed early

Bedtime at 8pm? Why didn't we take her up on that luxury!

12. Saving your pocket money

Little did we know how powerful that five pound note really was. The key to all our rent, mortgage and overdraft saving skills.

13. Telling lies

Don't do it. You will get found out and look like an idiot. But white lies... now they're for grown ups.

14. Your 'friends'

She might be popular, but she'll stab you in the back, tell your secrets and probably steal your boyfriend. And when she's an adult, she's just a grown ass version. Should have listened to mumma.

15. Dressing inappropriately

Your mum would say, "You're not going out dressed like that," and you never understood what her problem was... until you got older and fanny shorts became a thing.

16. Vulgarities

Imagine if your mum really had washed your mouth out with soap? Eugh. Ok so you swore a bit in front of your friends when you were 14, it was no big deal at the time but now if you see a school girl swearing outside the sweet shop it's obscene, it's horrible, cover thine ears!

What can we say... the woman's always right!

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Lareese Craig
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