The perfume you wear is your signature. Whether it’s floral, chypre, amber or fruity, it will stay with you through seasons and moods.

Even if the bottle looks good, buying perfume isn't like buying cakes from a shop window, where you go for whatever takes your fancy! You need to take your time and smell dozens of perfumes before you settle on the one that matches your mood and deepest desires.
Which perfume for which character? Fresh, floral notes with instant charm will please extroverted and bold personalities. Oriental notes with intense traces attract mysterious and sensual girls. Powdered notes are for emotional narcissists or young-at-heart women. Floral-fruity fragrances match optimistic characters who like taking the lead. Chypre perfumes suit ambitious, full of character women.

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Perfume trends

Discover the new trends in perfume!

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Choosing a perfume

A perfume should be a veil of scent that reveals your personality, character and emotions. How do you select a perfume that suits you and enhances your beauty? Here’s how to read the secrets of a scent

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Winter perfumes

For enveloping scents and sensual fragrances, discover our selection of winter perfumes.

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Summer perfumes

Enjoy a spritz of light, vibrant, fresh fragrances with our selection of summer perfumes.

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Scents for men

Male fragrances can work us up into a frenzy. Discover the latest scents for men.

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Perfume gifts

Perfumes make a great gift. Discover all our perfume gift ideas.

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Perfume news

Which Perfume Suits You?
Choosing perfume
How to wear perfume
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Perfume: how to wear it?

In the words of one Coco Chanel: "Wear perfume wherever you want to be embraced.” Perfume reacts on contact with skin and releases a fragrance  that’s unique to the wearer's skin.
The effects of heat also make perfumes release their scents, so apply your perfume to pulse points and areas which get hot or moist: your temples, neck (including the nape), backs of your knees, between your breasts, ankles, small of your back, navel, behind your ear lobes, and the inside of your wrists. With each heartbeat, you’ll release your fragrance!
Also apply to extremely mobile parts of your body too, so that every time you move you’ll waft your fragrance around.

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