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15 Reasons Staying In Beats Going Out

by Cliche Wynter ,
15 Reasons Staying In Beats Going Out© HBO

Tired of hitting the bar? Sick of your fave dish at your fave restaurant? Then it might be time to buckle down and spend some quality time at home. It's not as bad as you think it is. Honestly! For one, your bank account can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Wanna hear more perks? Here are 20 reasons staying in beats going out.

1. You won't have to be DD

Staying in means you won't have to be the designated driver. Bring on the shots of tequila!

2. No watered down drinks

Because the bartenders never seem to make drinks strong enough. This ain't kindergarten. We can handle our Long Islands.

And we know how to mix it up to perfection.

3. You save money

Duh! Which is always a major plus!

4. You can binge watch your favourite series on Netflix

Yes. You can stay up ALL night catching up on Orange Is the New Black. One episode per night? What's that? You can watch it all in one shot.

5. You don't have to get dolled up

Minis and high heels be damned. It's all about fluffy slippers and flannel PJs.

6. You can peacefully unwind from the work week

Just you and a bottle of wine. Heaven.

7. You can try that new recipe you've been dying to test out

Then scoff it down greedily. Forget proper table manners. You're home!

8. You don't have to deal with creepy guys

Hmm, let's see... There's the guy who can't take no for answer, the perv, the clinger, etc... You know, all those annoying men we meet on a night out.

9. You won't have to stand in a long line at the club

They're probably our number 1 reason for staying in. The worst! From waiting outside of the club, to waiting for the bathroom, we can do without it all!

10. You can play all your fave songs... over and over

Because the DJ at the club NEVER listens or gets it right. Who cares if you want to hear Bey's "Drunk in Love" a trillion times?! Just. Play. It!

Luckily, when you're in the comfort of your own home, you can hit replay as often as your heart desires.

11. You can catch up on sleep

True that!

12. You can leave your face mask on

Alllll night! Let the good stuff sink in!

13. No waiting for a cab

Everyone is looking for a ride home in the wee hours of the morning, so catching a cab can take forever! Spare yourself the trouble and stay in instead.

14. You can have more quality time with your BF

Which means you can get in an extra cuddle sesh, or have hot and heavy sex. Whatever you decide, he'll pretty much be grateful.

15. There's no drama

That means no drunk girlfriends to take care of, no bar fights, etc. Who needs that stress anyway?

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Cliche Wynter
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