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22 Reasons Why Being A Girl Is The Best Thing Ever!

by Lindsay Reed ,
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Sure, we may be moody and over-analyse just about every situation, but being a girl certainly has its perks. Whether we're being asked our preference of wine, or boarding the lifeboat first, being a girl proves to be the best thing EVER each and every day. In fact, here are 22 reasons why we totally rock!

1. We live longer

Better get used to this face, world.

2. We can make ourselves prettier

If you're a male and you're ugly, you're screwed. But us girls? We can have a few different faces at our disposal. Jealous? You should be.

3. We're over-achievers

BRB. We're busy organising our careers, cooking dinner, and taking over the world.

4. We get couches in our public restrooms

We also get to sit down when we pee.

5. We smell good

Always. All the time. Like roses and baby's breath.

6. We can get out of anything by blaming PMS

These 3 magic letters are sure to make any man shut up.

7. Pedicures

Because our toes can be pretty too.

See album

8. We're allowed to cry

And fake cry to manipulate any situation.

9. We can carry handbags

They're like mini wardrobes on our shoulders. Mascara? Got it. Breath Mint? Got it. Collapsible d'Orsay flats? Got it.

10. We can wear high heels

Sure, high heels may not always be as comfortable as we would like, but if adding 3 inches to your height doesn't make you feel sexy, you have another problem.

11. Our wedding day is really about us

All eyes on us, of course. We're the only one in white for a reason.

12. Most days are really about us

Do guys ever get catcalled on the street? Didn't think so.

13. We get to name the kids

And we've been planning it since we were 7. Come here little Aurora, Penelope, and Chrysanthemum! Don't even think about fighting us on it.

14. We don't have to worry about losing our hair...

...and we can dye those greys away without being judged (or looking like we have a carpet on our head).

15. We can wear our boyfriend's clothes

But our boyfriends can't wear ours.

An added perk? They won't remember if we don't give them back.

16. We're cleaner

Showering is a necessity, not a luxury, boys.

17. We don't have to use cheesy pick up lines

"You must be Jamaican, because you're Jamaican me crazy!"

Oh? Well, you're Jamaican us nauseous.

18. We don't have to pay for drinks...

...or anything for that matter. But of course, we'll always offer. However, if a man doesn't cover your tab, he might not be the one. How else are you supposed to afford your black patent Louboutins?

19. Happiness is only a wine glass away

We need to get in a full serving of fruit at night, right?

20. A man will do just about anything for us

A few bats of the lashes and we're one step away from a trip to Paris.

21. Shopping for us is easy

Because we tell you what to get, in what size, and where to get it. Or else...

22. We have an infinite amount of fashion choices

Collared shirt and suit in July? No Thank You!

23. We run the world

Beyonce said it first, and what Queen Bey says goes. So face it men, without us the world would be boring. But most importantly, without our guidance you'd be lost.

What do you think the best part about being a girl is? Tweet us at @sofeminineUK!

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