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25 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back: How To Be More Sexy!

by Lareese Craig ,
25 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back: How To Be More Sexy!© Pinterest Via Kym Argo

How do you feel sexy when you just, er, don’t? Isn’t that the million-dollar question! When your jeans are snug, you’re beyond tired and craving sugary snacks, the last thing you wanna do is shave your legs and slip into something ever so slightly less comfortable. But we all crave the high you get from feeling HOT. Here’s how to be (and feel) more sexy!

1. Smile more

Forget mood swings, you’re 100% more attractive when you’re happy so get your grin on already.

2. Moisturise

Treat every day like a first date and you’ll feel sexier than ever. Sure, it seems like one massive, unnecessary chore to slap on the moisturiser after showering if you’re not getting anything out of it BUT if you’re caught off guard you’ll be the first to let him run his hands all over your satin pins. Are we right?

3. Take a trip

Day-to-day life can really take its toll on your energy levels so why not take a road trip or book a holiday? A change of scenery can give you a whole new lease of life and boy will the world know all about it when you’re back in town.

4. Make it up

Try something outside of your normal makeup comfort zone, like playing with a bright red lip or experimenting with smudgy eyeliner. It'll make you notice features you never knew you had.

5. Go bra shopping

It doesn’t hurt to tart up your bra collection every once in a while. It doesn’t matter if no one's going to see it. You know what’s going on underneath your clothes and that’s your gold card to sexiness.

6. Think like Beyonce

That woman has sex appeal like no other but at the same time, she's only human. Whatever she's doing you can do too, just let go of all your inhibitions, channel your inner Bey and walk like Ryan Gosling's behind you. ​You'll never need a lesson in how to be sexy again. Like ever.

7. Throw out the granny pants

Those ripped, faded granny pants you’ve been holding on to? Throw them out. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.

8. Fake tan

When you’ve got a tan it makes things look longer, thinner and generally better but we can’t all have the real thing all the time. Fake bake it is.

9. Read something hot

Fifty. Shades. Of. Grey. That’s all we’re saying on the subject.

10. Shop til you drop

Sometimes a new outfit is all it takes to give you that new found sass. A woman armed with a dress, heels and a killer walk? She’s bound to get what she wants.

11. Eat right

Sure, a little bit of chocolate makes you feel good but when you’re a whole supersize bar of Cadbury’s down there’s only one thing you want to do and that’s Zzz. Treat your body right and you'll feel ten times more sexy.

12. Get smooth

You don’t have to be fuzz free to get your freak on but the chances are if you feel pretty 'down there' you’ll feel pretty everywhere else. Love your lady garden and she’ll love you back.

13. Drink less

"I feel so sexy when I’m hung-over," said no one ever. Drinking too much is only gonna land you a date with your duvet. Cue the moping.

14. Plan a girl's night

There’s no power like girl power. Being around your best girlfriends is sure to give you that inner confidence you need to make everything sexy on the outside.

15. Learn to take compliments

There’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence but accepting and believing that someone has something nice to say about you? That’s a must!

16. Wear red

It's a fact. Red IS sexy.

17. Make perfume your BFF

There’s no arguing with a woman that smells great.

18. Do yoga

Ever met an unhappy yoga type? That’s because they don’t exist. When you spend time connecting to your mind and body, only good things can come of it.

19. Loosen up

If you can learn to relax you're half-way there already. Ain't no-one gonna feel sexy with a back full of knots. Hello lunch time massage.

20. Make an effort

If you suddenly find yourself choosing pyjamas over passion, rock up the routine and spring a surprise date night on your man or suggest something spontaneous. Feeling sexy should come hand in hand with being in love and if he doesn’t make you feel sexy then find someone who does.

21. Have sex!

Which brings us on to the S word. Are you doing it enough, is it still amazing? There’s so much pressure for the sex to be spot on all the time but the truth is as long as you’re doing it, you’re all good. No, it’s not the only way to show you love one another but after you’ve done it? New. Woman.

22. Why shouldn’t you feel sexy?

Feeling sexy won’t only work wonders for your sex life. Real sexiness makes your feel smarter, stronger and more powerful in every respect. Whether you’re single or in a long-term relationship you deserve that much! Go find your sexy girl!

23. Don’t be afraid of the mirror

As scary as it sounds, standing in front of the mirror does have its good points. Focus on what you do like about yourself rather than your body hang-ups. A positive attitude doesn’t just make you feel sexy, it makes you alluring to others too.

24. Show off your best bits

Got pins up to your armpits? It’s only fair to show them off. Embrace your good bits, they are your answer to getting your S-E-X-Y on.

25. And if nothing else works, naked dancing always makes things better.

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