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This Cross-Eyed Blogger Has An Important And Inspiring Message For Us All

by Rose Adams ,
This Cross-Eyed Blogger Has An Important And Inspiring Message For Us All

We all suffer bad days when we wish 'if only I could change that, tweak this, swap that' - we're only human after all. But it's high time we quit focusing on what we'd like to change and start loving what we've been blessed with instead. Sometimes though, it takes a harsh reality check for us to realise that. Listen up then because this beautiful blogger is here to give us exactly that. Confident and strong, her story will make you think twice next time you scrutinise every inch of yourself.

Meet Betty Wap from Philadelphia, owner of Instagram account @pinkbarbie_x3 and our new hero. She's a full-time makeup artist and die-hard beauty fan just like you and I; she's also cross-eyed and has endured shockingly cruel taunts and teasing at the hands of nasty bullies as a result. But has she let that get her down and stop her following her ambitions? Oh hell no.

In honour of the popular Instagram hashtag 'Woman Crush Wednesday' where our feeds are routinely flooded with hot snaps of Kendall Jenner and friends, she's shared an honest and powerful post dedicated to celebrating her own beauty.

Captioning a series of selfies, the blogger wrote: "On this Wednesday I want to post myself because I'm my own crush. Some of my followers may know me, some heard of me, if ya dont know now you know YES! I'm cross-eyed and I love it. I have my days where it gets me down and I see a bunch of beautiful women who have perfect eyes, and sometimes I question god why me?

"I ask him maybe one day I'll wake up and be normal but he told me daughter I made you this way because I believe you are stronger and you have much more to offer, more than a pretty face. That who ever loves you will love you for you and from that day on I stopped questioning him.

"I get bullied and teased and living in Philly the kids are very ignorant when it comes to the unknown. I have a heart and I bleed and cry just like you, don't treat me any less. I'll always be the bid, and I enjoy bidding on myself ole pirate ass🤣 it's not easy being me and I do feel like I see half the world but come on give me credit how many girls can really pull off one eye having ass?

"Love yourself and show love to others you never know what someone is going through. I've gotten threats, jumped just by looking the way that I do. I wish the world was a better place but it starts with us☝🏾 it's all fun and games until it's your kid, brother, sister, mom etc. be blessed and continue to love the picture God painted."

We couldn't agree more. Ladies, it's time we swapped the self-loathing for self-loving. We only get one body so let's make like Betty and start celebrating what makes us unique right this instant.

What do you think of Betty's wise words? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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Rose Adams
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