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Ginger Sperm Donors In High Demand As The Want For Redhead Babies Rises

by Pascale Day ,
Ginger Sperm Donors In High Demand As The Want For Redhead Babies Rises© Pinterest

It can't be ignored: redhead babies are the cutest. And ginger adults are the hottest. So it's no wonder that women looking to become mothers are in search of more ginger sperm donors to make their baby as cute as it could possibly be.

Co-ParentMatch.com, a site that helps to put women who are wanting to become parents in touch with sperm donors has revealed that their statistics show a lack of ginger donors, and are therefore putting out an urgent call for redhead sperm donors.

Using the hashtag #SaveGingers, the website shared on their Facebook page that their female members were looking for ginger sperm donors as currently only 2% of men registered were ginger. In their infographic, they listed the reasons for men to donate their sperm as making a "positive contribution to someone's happiness", "leaving a legacy" and, of course, "for money". The comments section is full of people tagging their redheaded friends, urging them to donate.


"We looked at our search results and found that lots of women were typing in 'ginger sperm donors' and 'red hair sperm donors' so clearly there is a demand," Jenny Kearns from Co-Parent Match told The Huffington Post. "Yet only 2% of donors have red hair."

"The most common hair colour is brown," she revealed. "Our donor hair colour stats are: black: 26%, grey: 1%, brown: 53%, blonde: 14%, mixed: 3%, red: 2% and bald: 1%."

"We are actively recruiting ginger donors and have a high demand for them."

If you have any hot red-headed friends with great ginger genes, then what are you waiting for? Get tagging! Those hot auburn-y genes should not be kept under wraps - the women of Co-Parent Match need them and their glorious ginger sperm.

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