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Girls Night In: 11 Ideas For A Fun-Filled Evening At Home

by Cliche Wynter ,
Girls Night In: 11 Ideas For A Fun-Filled Evening At Home© Getty

As much as we love putting on our shortest skirts and hitting the dance floor (and believe us - we do!), sometimes we just want to kick back at home with our girls and enjoy a fun night in. Because let's face it, doing the same thing week after week gets tiring. Are we right? If you're looking for alternatives to ladies night out, here are a few ideas for the perfect girls night in!

When all the bars in town know you and your girlfriends by name and credit card number, it might be time to take a much needed break from the party scene (even if it's for one weekend). Sure you might miss dancing seductively in front of tons of strangers. But in turn, you'll be doing your mind, body, and wallet a whole lot of good by staying home.

So what's a girl to do instead? Gather all her friends and plan an amazing girl's night in!

You can guarantee a fun-filled evening with these ideas.

Drinking games galore

When it comes to drinking games, the possibilities are endless! You can literally give any board game an alcoholic twist and your night is pretty much set.

Some of our faves: Monopoly (try counting money when you're tipsy), Taboo, and Pictionary.

If you'd like to go the more traditional route, there's always Beer Pong, Flip Cup, and Kings.

Movie marathon

One word: Netflix! Who cares if they don't have all the latest movies? Classic chick flicks, your girls, and a ton of ice cream are all you need for a fun night.

Then when the film is over, you can swoon over how hot George Clooney is. Which is very, very, very hot... obvs.

Clothing swap

Sharing is caring! Having a load of gal pals comes in extra handy when it comes to swapping clothing. Use your night in to swap accessories, shoes, or clothing you don't want anymore. It's like shopping, but without all the hassle. In a word: heaven.

Cooking as a team

Now is the time for you and your girlfriends to put your culinary skills to the test! You can exchange recipes, lend a helping a hand, or just watch and learn a few new tricks.

One thing's for sure, tasty food always makes bonding with your BFFs that much sweeter.

Bake off

Try your hand at baking pies, cake pops or decorating cupcakes. Girly fun guaranteed!

Wine tasting

Any excuse to drink wine is A-okay with us. To be honest, the more the merrier.

The beautiful thing about a wine tasting is that it gives you the opportunity to really hone your palette and be a faux connoisseur for the evening. It sounds like a win-win to us.

So pour it up, pour it up!

Manic Makeovers

Here is where YouTube comes in super handy. The video sharing site is a treasure trove filled with beauty tutorials that will keep you and the girls busy for months!

Have everyone choose a new look they're eager to try, and get busy! Fingers need polishing and mascara needs applying. It's gonna be a long night.

Book club night

Do you and your gals enjoy a good read? Perfect! Get everyone together for a book club meeting where you dish on all the hottest characters in your favorite novel.

Passion party

If you're all up for a naughty night, an Ann Summers part will do just the trick. You and the girlfriends will learn new tricks to spice up your sex life and have the opportunity to earn free products. Let's just say everyone has something to gain from this (boyfriends especially!).


Just because you're not at the bar, doesn't mean you can't dance your ass off! Put your music on blast and shake it. Who cares if the neighbors are a bit pissed? It's Friday, and you can get as rowdy as you want!

DIY spa night

In the mood to chill and unwind? There's no better way than an at-home spa treatment. The best part? You can steal some DIY beauty tricks from your kitchen. From honey facials to strawberry toothpaste, getting dolled up has never been so yummy.

How do you like to spend a girls night in? Do you have any more ideas? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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