How to keep the house hygienic?

Keeping your home clean


 - Keeping your home clean
These are the types of bacteria you seriously want to eliminate from your home. Happy reading - but be warned, it's not for the faint of heart. 

Escherichia Coli (E.Coli): The majority of E.Coli variants are harmless and live in the intestines of healthy humans and animals. Meat can become contaminated during the slaughtering process, without showing any visible signs or giving off a particular smell meaning it can be extra difficult to detect.

E.Coli can cause serious infection. There are around 70,000 cases of E.Coli infection in Europe each year. Infection often leads to bloody diarrhoea and can cause intestinal haemorrhaging.

Drinking contaminated water and not washing hands thoroughly can also lead to infection so get washing those hands! 

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a bacteria which lives in the ground and in moist areas (taps, plugs, etc.). It's very resistant to a multitude of antiseptic products and is often the cause of hospital-based infections. These bacteria are one of the most difficult to treat clinically. 

It is believed that Pseudomonas aeruginosa thrives in hospitals in fruit, vegetables and plants which are brought in, which is why the latter, as well as flowers are sometimes not allowed in hospital rooms.

It can cause a great number of pathologies: eye infections, gastroenteritis, lung infections, etc, none of which sound like much fun.

Staphylococus aureus:
This bacteria is most at home on us and on any warm-blooded animal. It can be found on our skin, in the nose, throat, etc. It penetrates the skin, producing infections which are difficult to treat and can easily end up in our food.

Intra or inter-human spread of the bacteria generally happens through direct contact.

It can, in rare circumstances, be spread indirectly from the surrounding environment (eg. clothes, sheets, medical equipment). When this bacteria is in full swing it can cause skin infections to deeper infections as well as syndromes linked to the release of toxins.


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