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Watch: The Most Powerful Answers To What Women Really 'See In The Mirror'

by Maria Bell Published on 22/07/2014 at 19:00
Watch: The Most Powerful Answers To What Women Really 'See In The Mirror' © John Legend Vevo

Truth is, you don't get to see something like this very often. When John Legend released his video for 'You & I' (Nobody in the world) using 63 different women of varying race, age and experience, he also made a separate video asking some of them to reveal 'what they see in the mirror'. The end result is really something special.

If ever there was a video that could be said to capture the beauty and pain of human experience, this would be it.

The Youtube channel explains: "When I look in the mirror" is a behind the scenes exploration of each woman's thoughts and insights as they take a deep look into the mirror and reflect on themselves and their experiences.

"We conducted dozens of interviews over the course of twelve days to cultivate this collection of voices. From cancer survivors to a middle schooler facing bullying, each woman's answer is indicative of her unique life experiences."

But instead of us analysing it here, we're just going to let these women do the talking. Watch the video:


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Maria Bell
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