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Woman Takes Her Boyfriend Search To The Next Level By Putting Up Wanted Posters

by Rose Adams ,
Woman Takes Her Boyfriend Search To The Next Level By Putting Up Wanted Posters

If you're sick to the back teeth of trying (and failing) to find love on dating sites, in clubs or via good old fashioned blind dates set up by mutual friends, then perhaps it's time to forget all that and go back to basics. Why not take to the streets to advertise for your perfect man like this brave singleton did?

Forget Tinder, Bumble and Plenty Of Fish, cos there's a new way of finding love that's taking it right back to more traditional methods of finding Mr (or Mrs) Right. Yep, if you're sick of swiping left and right through life trying to find someone to share your passion for fast food with, then this woman has come up with a not-at-all-subtle idea that could be the answer to all your dating dilemmas - and it's usually reserved for finding lost cats and criminals.

A mystery female on the look out for love has taken her search for the perfect man to the next level by getting wish fulfilment website Crowdwish to put up good old fashioned 'wanted' posters on lamp posts all around central London. The posters have been plastered in Kensington, Holborn, and Clerkenwell with a strict list of requirements men must meet to be in with a chance. Ladies, don't you ever worry that you're being too picky when it comes to finding the perfect fella, you should be accepting nothing less than perfect - and this poster proves it.

Check it out:

Stating that any potential suitors need not even consider applying for the role of her new boyfriend if 'bro, banter or epic' are common phrases in their vocabulary, if they ever refer to Nandos as 'cheeky,' or if they spritz themselves head to toe with Davidoff Cool Water. I mean, although her list is lengthy she may have a point here guys - surely it's not too much to ask that our next boyfriend is not a complete basic bitch, right?

We're yet to find out whether she has had any responses to her posters, but we wish this mystery singleton the best of luck on her quest of finding a match *Drafts poster in Paint.*

Do you think this method is the secret to finding love, and would you ever try it? Let us know @SoFeminineUK!

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