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Women Say 'Sorry' HOW Many Times A Day?

by Stephanie Ashley ,
Women Say 'Sorry' HOW Many Times A Day?© Youtube

Have you ever found yourself saying "Sorry" to almost everything? When someone bumps into you, when you have to move your seat over, when you simply say hello, you find yourself apologizing. Not anymore! This new video says women everywhere should trade in that silly word for some well deserved confidence. #sorrynotsorry

Women, a bit of advice: stop starting every other sentence with the word "Sorry."

We may not realize it, but apologizing all the time is SO not attractive. It makes us look a lot less like the confident, badass woman we most certainly are.

In this new video, Pantene decided it's time for women to straighten up their backbones and say "Sorry, not sorry!" to the world!


How often do you say the word "sorry" when you REALLY don't have to? Let us know @sofeminineUK

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Stephanie Ashley
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