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10 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 10

 - 10 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 10
Being pregnant with a toddler in tow is tiring © Photodisc
Other than constant tiredness and lots of headaches, on the whole I’ve felt a lot better this week than previous. It has been amusing though, when I’m out and about people are constantly asking me whether I’m ok?
After yet another shop assistant kindly asked if I was alright, I asked my friend who was with me: “Why the hell do people keep asking me that?” She replied in her straight-forward way (that only a friend can do without making you feel worse) “Because you look awful!”

“Oh thanks!” I replied as she went on: “You look like your going to collapse any minute and every so often you get this expression of sheer exhaustion, like a tidal wave of tiredness has hit you. Must be the first trimester curse!”
I guess I can blame my pregnancy or my toddler - either way I'm exhausted!

Week 10: Midwife meeting

This week was the first time I saw the midwife and it made the whole pregnancy suddenly feel very real.

The local health trusts are trialing a new system where groups of pregnant women can meet at a local Sure Start center, so the midwives can go through an education program covering different issues to do with pregnancy.
These included the antenatal appointment schedule based on a first-time mum at low risk.

Low risk means that your midwife feels that you are healthy during pregnancy e.g. no excessive sugar in your urine which would indicate gestational diabetes and that you will have a normal birth e.g. not a c-section delivery.

The antenatal schedule shows you when you are likely to see the midwife or doctor during your pregnancy and what will be done e.g. urine tests, measuring your bump, weight and height etc, and when blood tests and ultrasound scans should be carried out.

I felt that although I’d just been through my first pregnancy two years ago, that this was still a really helpful guide.

Their explanation for why these tests and things were being done certainly made me feel more empowered and better informed about my pregnancy.

They also explained about the anomaly scan at week 20 of your pregnancy and warned that: “if you don’t want to know the sex of your baby, do say to the Sonographer before you start.”

As I work in radiography, I could relate this to a colleague of mine does obstetric scans every day. She tells me that whilst it is very exciting for the mum and dad to be, for her it is the twentieth scan that day and the billionth in her career, and after a while she says she just goes into robot mode.

Most people want to know the sex of the baby, but she has to be so careful not to say: “There’s her head etc…” and accidentally reveal the sex of their baby.
The obstetric scan allows the imaging of all the body structures, the heart’s chambers, the head circumference (nice to know when you think about giving birth!) and things like whether they have a cleft lip.

To drink or not to drink? © Bannana Stock
Pregnancy dos and don'ts

The midwives at this group also then went into the dos and don’ts whilst pregnant. The obvious one they started with was no smoking which is pretty straight forward, it’s bad for you whether you’re pregnant or not.

The alcohol part I found very interesting, the official line is you should try and avoid drinking as there is nothing to prove at which stage alcohol can affect the baby’s development, only that it does end up in the placenta and therefore is transferred to the baby.

The advice is if you choose to drink then, do not drink more than 1 to 2 units twice a week. I have to admit I had a stab of guilt after drinking a few glasses on holiday.

And as my Mum so beautifully put it: “There are people out there whose mothers were drinking and taking heroine whilst pregnant and somehow (and with a lot of medical intervention at the beginning of their little lives) they are now perfectly healthy people.

So in the scheme of things a few extra glasses of wine over a two week period shouldn’t cripple you with guilt, as long as it’s not an everyday indulgence.”

Don’t worry she’s not trying to tell me to take heroine and drink all the time, she is a bit of a health freak really, but as I said earlier it was my decision to have a glass on holiday, and I have to live with that. Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll have anymore during this pregnancy.

Then in the meeting they went through the healthy eating part. I have to say my husband and I do tend to eat healthily as I always try to give my son the best possible diet, but for some reason we haven’t had a lot of vegetables this week as we’ve been eating chili and chicken pasta... but they do have vegetables in the sauces so I probably have eaten better than I think. 
Pregnancy - the perfect excuse for chocolate © Hemera
Also, I can’t stop eating chocolate which is funny as with my first I totally when off chocolate. Maybe it’s a sign that this one is a girl? I’ve also been eating goat’s cheese which is the one thing they named not to eat as it’s unpasteurized.

That stab of guilt begins again. I tell you the one thing I forgot and am remembering quickly is the guilt that meeting your midwife and reading the books can give you.
They also recommended exercise which I would love to do but at the moment feel I can just make it through the day let alone put in a session at the gym...
This group session is designed so that when I see my allocated midwife the one to one session is more about me as an individual.

Mine is next week and I can already see myself going in and grimacing as soon as she starts talking before blurting out like I’m in confession:

“I’m so sorry I’ve eaten loads of goats cheese lately and I'am too tired to exercise and that already makes me the worse mum in the world…” 

What do you think of Roanna's blog? And should you drink during pregnancy? Have your say in our pregnancy forums.


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