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15 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 15

I faced this week a dilemma which every woman goes through but when you’re pregnant, this dilemma is even more of a challenge.

What to wear to a wedding when you have a baby bump?

 - 15 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 15
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Close friends of ours were getting married this week and before I got pregnant I had everything planned - right down to the pair of shoes I was going to wear.

However being pregnant has changed everything.

I had bought a very pretty pink dress - a 1920’s flapper-style dress and the best thing was that I’d bought it a size smaller than usual as I had lost weight prior to becoming pregnant.

However in this pregnancy I have had to go into maternity quicker than the first time, I guess everything has stretched once and I haven’t had a lot of time to tone before this pregnancy so I have had to go into maternity clothes pretty quickly, so I won’t be wearing that pretty pink dress!

The dilemma continues as admittedly I have used the power of wishful thinking that I might just be able to squeeze into it, but as my sister (who is very, very pregnant) who was wrenching me into the dress just laughed at me confirming my doubts: “It’s just not going to happen!”

As a busy mum there is no way I will get into town or if I do there is no way my little boy will behave long enough to try anything (I think the impatient male shopper develops early).

So I turned to the internet. This is where modern technology comes in so handy - I have the internet on my phone so I can browse the maternity dresses when I have five minutes in-between swimming, walks in the woods and the every day general domestic bliss which comes with being a stay-at-home mum.

I have to say time was very limited so I was pleased when I managed to find a fawn colored knee length maternity dress that made me look pregnant rather than fat.

Going to this wedding meant taking a mini road trip for the weekend, and as I have never left my son for longer than six hours - let alone a whole weekend, I was more than a little frantic.

My mum came to look after my son and after a few tears and tantrums, by 8pm we were out the door to start the 4 hour journey to the wedding venue.

My heart literally broke as we started the car away and drove away from my little boy, but the strangest thing happened; as we continued driving my husband and I started talking.

Time to talk

Now this may seem strange but when you have children you forget to talk. You may talk about your day, about your child, what needs doing, what shifts you’re working but don’t really talk to each other.

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As we continued our drive my guilt for leaving lessened and I rediscovered that my husband and I really do get on.

We were laughing, singing and reminiscing and talking about how much we were looking forward to seeing our friends who were still in the military and how much we missed them.

Now this wasn’t regret, not at all, we love our life and out of our military friends even though we are the only couple with children - we wouldn’t swap our lives with them, not one bit. But what did happen as we neared our hotel we became Mark and Roanna not Mummy and Daddy.

So the next day we had a lie in, no baby shouting down the monitor, no Disney on the DVD player but we both woke very refreshed.

After finding out I was pregnant I was not prepared for this wedding in the slightest, and my wedding outfit was still sealed in the bag. I tried it on and (thank God) it fitted perfectly. However I had no shawl, no tights and I hadn’t considered jewelry, make-up or hair!

We headed of to Tesco and luckily got a little black top and some nude tights. We trawled through my make up and jewelry box and found some matches.

Now for some this is just second nature but for me it felt like I was a younger me, where getting ready was a right not a privilege and I relished in it.

I spent and hour in the bath, with my husband constantly testing the water as I do have a tendency to have it too hot, which is not good for baby.

The biggest treat was using the hairdryer without my little one around to cry about the noise.

Three hours later and I was ready in good time for the wedding and I have to say I scrubbed up pretty well - and as for my husband, he looked hot.

Wedding belles

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We headed to the wedding service and everyone looked wonderful.

The service was beautiful, and the bride looked stunning, the groom looked in love and the hymns were booming, so much so that baby Bean kicked me all the way through ‘Jerusalem.’

Being pregnant also means that you’re always hungry and if I don’t eat I will either go faint or be sick, not the best thing to do at a wedding, so I had packed in the car and in my handbag I was well prepared with loads of snacks.

As for the evening festivities, all I can say is when we planned coming to this wedding I had envisaged having a few beers, but who needs a drink to have fun?

We were genuinely the last ones on the dance floor, with my tipsy husband doing his best Dad-on-the-dance floor impression and power sliding across the dance floor.

I was the only one that was sick and I’m sure it was the baby telling me that yes you can dance and have fun but it is getting late and I am tired of being on a constant bouncy castle.

So as I watched my mad husband dance to “New York, New York”, a friend asked me “Do you regret leaving the RAF?”

My answer: “I miss my friends but true friends will always be around. I love my family life and I know longer have to fit round the military’s plans but have a freedom that I would never exchange - it’s the freedom that my son merits and so will baby Bean.”

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