Second Trimester

22 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 22 

 - 22 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 22
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When pregnant certain senses seem to heighten like your sense of smell. This can prove tricky as although I’m not being regularly sick anymore it really doesn’t take a lot to set me off.

For example whilst at work, a patient had just eaten a chocolate bar before coming round for his x-ray and for some reason the smell of chocolate on his breathe made me want to heave, so I had to call a colleague and promptly be sick in the sink.

That’s the problem - you’re just never sure what might set you off. I mean there’s the normal things that would set you off, like my sons nappies (even before pregnant they could turn my stomach), baby sick (my friends new born puked milk sick which made me heave) and normal body odors; the stinky man on the train next to you, that sort of thing.

The main problem with dealing with these kinds of smells is that you just can’t hide it and its almost projectile vomit that you can’t get away from - and puking after smelling someone’s breath seems like an overreaction!

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Temperature trauma

The other heightened sense is the extreme reaction to heat or cold. I mean when I’m cold like when the sun has gone behind a cloud, I put four jumpers on and grab a blanket in order to keep warm. Then when I get hot I want to run round naked with a fan blowing and ice water being sprayed at me. (Which I’ve yet to resort to).

I have been known to have the paddling pool out and have just sat in it with my little boy looking at me like I’m slightly crazy. This extreme intolerance to temperature is also proving difficult when sharing a bed as when I’m freezing my husband thinks its room temperature and when I get the winter duvet to hibernate under, he lies on top.

And when I’m hot I complain if even his finger touches me! Luckily we’ve been through this before as this is our second pregnancy - at least he knows to just keep smiling and not complain.

The other thing I have found is that if I’m itchy it is completely unbearable. Like someone has put itching powder all over me! Now I’m sure it probably isn’t as bad as before I was pregnant but maybe my tolerance but also my heightened senses make it seem that much worse.

Wouldn’t it be good if your heighten senses in pregnancy gave you super-hero powers or even a little clairvoyance, like what the lottery numbers are going to be?! The only clairvoyance I do have is that sleep is going to be minimal, that’s guaranteed for every mum!

To add to all the sensory dramas, the baby has learned a new trick this week. He is either kicking or punching me in the bladder constantly. I am honestly going every 15 minutes which is difficult when I’m out and about, but also it’s very disappointing that when I think I’m just about to wet myself only a tiny miniscule drop comes out.

On the bright side it does mean I am feeling baby bean more and more, which is always a lovely feeling even if he is using my bladder as a punch bag!

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