Second Trimester

23 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 23 

 - 23 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 23
23 weeks pregnant © iStockphoto

I am constantly tired and am still waiting for the second trimester energetic period to come!

Sleep is also becoming a problem as its becoming uncomfortable lying down. The bigger my bump gets the harder it is to position myself.

I have always lied on my front whilst sleeping, which is almost impossible now, I’d look like an upside down turtle with my legs and arms flaying around!

So I have had to lie on my side which isn’t too bad if I position pillows between my legs and put one hand under my pillow and then the other on top.

This is fine until I need the toilet so I get up go to the loo come back, readjust my position so I’m comfortable and then close my eyes and the try to go to sleep....

But I just don’t seem to be able to...

Mission impossible - catching some Zzzz's

I have no idea why I can’t get to sleep. It’s incredibly stupid as I am so tired.
My mind just won’t switch off.

It’s like loads of things I need to do pop into my mind and then I lie there trying to prioritize which ones to do first then I try to remember them.

My new trick is to take my mobile to bed with me so when they pop into my mind I put them down on my notebook app and then that takes some of the pressure off.

Then I will need the loo again and then I finally get back into bed.... and still can’t sleep!

I’m finding reading a good fictional book is helping and it does allow me to switch off from all the tasks running through my mind but also means once I’m in position to sleep I can read and then when I fell like I’m just going to drop of, I can put my book down and drift off nicely.

23 weeks pregnant © Pixland

A few hours later I will need the loo again and the whole cycle starts again! When I finally do get some shut eye, I have some very vivid dreams, usually me featuring in Glee! But some are horrible and prey on my anxieties for the future.

If sleeping wasn’t hard enough already, having a one year old makes sleep even rarer in our household.

My little boy wakes up during the night, usually because he’s too cold or too hot, sometimes he’s had a bad dream so he wants a cuddle.

On top of the anxiety, incessant trips to the look, mwakeful one year old and general restlessness, I keep getting cramp in my calves at night and it’s so painful.

There isn’t a lot you can do just try and move your feet, if its really bad my husband will rub my calves to relieve it but he can literally sleep through a bomb going off (which he proved when serving in Iraq and use to sleep through the mortar attacks) so I usually have to try and wake him in order to get him to help.

Once that calms down it’s toilet, readjust my position, read, sleep, then.....

My husbands alarm goes of at 6 am which I try to ignore as I really don’t need to get up at that time and then my son chirps to me: ‘Mummy, up!!!’ My call to duty begins.

So if any of my family or friends is reading this, this is why I don’t answer the phone after 8 pm, as I am trying to get to sleep so after all the disruptions I get at least a few hours.

Somehow I don’t think a full night’s sleep will be happening any time soon especially when this baby arrives as well.

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