35 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 35 

 - 35 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 35
Trying to relax with a two year old is hard! © Photodisc
I have been very good this week and followed the midwife’s advice and have slowed down. I can’t honestly say I have relaxed as it is hard when you have a little boy who is not only energetic, but teething and very ‘mummy’ at the moment, he can go from crying, to cuddling to happy again to sleepy.

I have still done stuff with my little boy, but have been ordering shopping online, not trying to move cots or going in the loft, lifting pots and cleaning manically, and it has paid off, I haven’t had anymore Braxton Hicks.
I went to see my midwife this week, and she was pleased that the Braxton Hicks had stopped but she did say that I was to contact the on call midwife earlier than I have done previously if they start again.
We did the usual blood pressure, urine sample, fetal heart beat monitoring and baby measurement. The last time this was done it seemed baby was measuring a lot bigger than expected, usually 1 cm per week. The midwife did say that if he measured so big again then a growth scan would be needed, which means more ultrasound (and more pictures!)

So when feeling for the baby this time she was very surprised not only had he not really got bigger, but his position was very awkward. Now let me explain this better because as you can imagine I was a little worried.
Basically baby is very, very, very low down almost in the engaged position but he is free, so he can bob up and down as he feels like it. You can see this happening as my bump can be very low, and very uncomfortable and then he moves and his bum is suddenly a good resting place for my cup of tea or sandwich!
However instead of being head down with his back to my tummy, so he’s facing my back, he is back to back with me.
Therefore he is facing out and putting a lot of pressure on my back, probably why the Braxton hicks were unusually painful.
Also because he is in this weird position it is hard to get an accurate measurement, as he isn’t in the typical position. However he is still measuring slightly bigger so 36cms at 35 weeks...

I think ignorance is bliss as my last was 8lb 3oz and that seemed big enough thank you. Anyway she didn’t want me to have a growth scan at this stage (boo!) but hopefully by next check up baby will have moved into a better position. Apparently it is a lot more painful to give birth with baby in that position, (I wasn’t aware it could get MORE painful!) please little baby turn around!

MRSA in pregnancy

Testing for peace of mind © iStockphoto
As I have finished work now and because my job is in the healthcare industry I had to do swabs of my body for MRSA. This stands for Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, which is a common skin bacterium that is resistant to a range of antibiotics.
All NHS patients going into hospital for a relevant planned procedure are screened for MRSA beforehand.

However because I work in an environment where I am in contact with patients who have known MRSA I could have some on my skin. I have to be checked in case I was to have to under go emergency surgery such as a caesarean.
When patients need planned surgery and have MRSA then it is delayed in order to treat the MRSA.

Obviously in a pregnancy situation it would be emergency surgery so better to be prepared and rid of MRSA. Treatment involves using an antibacterial wash or powder and a special cream in your nose for a few days prior to surgery but in this case labor. So we will see what happens.

I really hope I don’t have to do the scrub as Im struggling to shave my legs and shower as it is! The bump is getting harder and harder to maneuver - giving me more excuses to put my feet up!

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