36 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 36 

So only four more weeks left and how do I feel? Obviously very, very tired. My bump is huge and very forward so it’s like having a rucksack of stones attached to my front, so I also feel very unbalanced.

I have started to get very swollen ankles, feet and fingers. So much so that I have had to take my wedding and engagement rings off, which makes me feel a little lost to be honest. My feet are so puffy I can't really put my flip flops on properly as the top is too tight and if I wear socks I have trouble getting them off at the end of the day.

 - 36 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 36
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It is quite normal to have swelling as the pregnant body holds more water than usual, so by the end of the day (especially with being on my feet the whole day with my little one) all the extra water goes to the lower part of your body.

My teeth and gums bleed when brushing and flossing, again which is all normal but it is horrible to see and leaves a horrid taste. To be fair I feel generally awful, but people say I'm glowing but I'm sure it's because I look so tired and run down people feel they should say something positive!

Emotionally I have felt quite weepy, I think it's a mixture of pregnancy tiredness and hormones but also my little boy is not sleeping well so I have been up a few times in the night with him and he has now hit the terrible twos.

I honestly thought that the terrible twos was just what you call bad behavior but I have been re-educated. It's because they are trying to communicate how they feel but can't so we get mega tantrums, kicking, hitting, even biting.

This is bad enough but if you’re tired anyway it just seems like a mountain to climb every day. It would be very easy to let it all slide but I know I have to be strong and start disciplining my son.

So we have had to use the naughty step a lot the last week. The bottom step has a worn part of the carpet. The problem is, that because he's not quite two he doesn't get that he has to stay there for a minute and that every time he gets up before the minute is over, we start again.

It is so frustrating as what should be a one minute naught step time can take half an hour, times that by the times he has to go on it, I feel like I'm constantly having to put him on the step, and it is so exhausting being the disciplinarian! But I know it's for good and by the end of the week the results are showing.

After a paddy over not being able to run across the road (I know what a bad mummy I am) my little boy went to hit me, and I warned him by saying stop, think about what will happen if you do. He stopped, held his hand in midair, shed a few tears and then gave me a massive cuddle and a kiss. So it was well worth it but so exhausting to get him to that point.

I am trying to do everything as usual but even going swimming is getting harder, its the stupid things like trying to put your shoes and socks on... It's not like you can ask a total stranger to help you.

Not long to go

My husband has two more weeks left at work so by my week 38 he will be off. I can't wait. It's just better for my little one as someone can keep up with him but also I can sit without feeling guilty that my son is in front of another DVD. However with the weather getting worse and colder, my little boy is not overly keen on running outside.

As we get closer to delivery day, I am getting more anxious and worried about giving birth. I'm also increasingly scared about whether I will have the energy to push when the time comes as I'm struggling to walk up the stairs but saying that, my sister told me off for running after my son too much so I guess when I need the energy I will find it.

The pregnancy is a process and its when the baby gets here that you realize that. I can't wait to meet him and see his face and know everything is ok and get on with every day. I feel the sooner we get into living our life the sooner everyone will find their place.

We have started reading books to my little one about a baby in mummy's tummy, being a big brother and bringing the baby home. At first he was quite interested but I think he's starting to realize this might be happening to him, so we get no when we try to read it to him! We can only try and prepare him as best we can but that's also a massive pressure on both of us as parents as I hate to see my little boy feel pushed out or upset.

Not long to go now © iStockphoto

The emotions this stirs is very hard as although your excited for the new baby, your also so worried about your big baby. However I'm sure we will make him feel secure and eventually having a baby brother will be the best thing have ever happened to him.

As far as baby development goes, baby is classed as full term by the end of this week and therefore can come out any time from now. So it's all about preparation now and I feel practically well prepared, emotionally I'm scared, anxious and nervous... like all expectant mums!

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