Third Trimester

38 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 38 

 - 38 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 38
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The first thing the midwife said to me on this visit, was that she thought I'd have had baby and been discharged by now, so for my appointment not to be canceled was a shock. I think it added to my impatience, as with all the signs and symptoms of early labor it's getting frustrating.

Anyway on this check up blood pressure was lower, glucose level lower, baby growing well and heart rate fine. As for position the baby is still low but not as low as last week, and reassuringly she could feel three fifths of baby's head.

However the midwife did explain this is quite normal as baby is still in early labor and is bobbing back and forth.

Apparently this is the way the baby gets ready for exit. The more practice, the easier it should be! Well let's hope so.

As for seeing the midwife, it is now a case of wait and see. I haven't got another appointment until a week after my due date, however everyone thinks this baby will come sooner rather than later. As nice as it is to be hopeful, it sometimes can feel like false hope that I could be holding him in my arms in a few days... if only we had a crystal ball.

How to make labor start early 

So what suggestions are there to get labor to hurry up?

Hot curry and extra spicy food is meant to help. Pineapple is meant to help and raspberry leaf tea is supposed to get the uterus ready for labor, so much so it has a label warning people in early stages of pregnancy not to use it.

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The midwife suggested walking up the stairs sideways as it rocks the pelvis pushing the baby down into the pelvis. Also walking on the beach helps as the beach is not level and therefore the wonky walking acts the same way. The other option is sex. Let's just say we will try everything and anything.

By now the baby measures about 48cm from head to toe, weighing at average 6lbs 13oz. So the poor thing doesn't have a lot of room in there!

However I do feel him moving and his foot is constantly pushing his way out of my tummy. The midwife says you should feel him move at least ten times in every 12 hours, well he definitely moves a lot more than that.

I’m really hoping baby comes soon, as I think when you know what’s going to happen (in terms of giving birth) you just want it out of the way, and I can't wait to meet my baby.

It's also difficult as my hubby has now taken leave and paternity and I'm worried baby will reborn after he goes back, so come on baby - get out here!

If the baby doesn't come till a week after the due date, I have to have a sweep where they stimulate the cervix manually.But I'm hoping he'll come of his own accord... Watch this space!

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