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Baby's room

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Baby's room

During pregnancy, the time comes when you start preparing for a new arrival in your home. Preparing baby’s room is essential. Here is what you need to think about to welcome baby, step by step.

Preparing the room
- Wash the walls and clean the floors. Wooden floors, cement or lino are preferable to carpet where dust and mites thrive.
- Choose water based paint as it does not contain any toxic products and is odourless.
- Opt for light or pastel colours that are calming for little ones. And if you do go for red, only paint one wall to leave some breathing space in the room!
- Choose ceiling or wall lights instead of lamps which can become dangerous when baby starts to crawl.
- Check that electrical sockets are safe, and if they're not then install socket protectors.

Furnishing the room
- Don’t place any furniture against or below a window , especially not the changing table, to prevent all risks. If the window is low than make sure it’s safe: put a security system on the opening or install a sheet of custom-made plexiglass over the window.

Furniture for baby’s room
- A cradle or moses basket for the first 6 months. You can get small beds that enlarge as your child grows so that baby doesn't feel lost at first.
- A 60cm by 120cm bed. Wooden beds with adjustable bedsteads that you can enlargen as your child grows last until 2 ½ years to 3 years of age. Equip your baby's bed with a soft surround, as babies like putting their heads against walls.
- Storage space. New or well cleaned, and babyproof if it's used! A chest of drawers and wardrobe are useful.
- A changing table. You can get ones that fold down or attach to furniture that you can fold away when you don't need them. If you don’t have space, simply change baby on the bed with a mat.
- Storage for toys: chests, baskets and units. You’ll soon need more storage space: think about all the presents you’ll receive at the birth!
- A thermometer to check that the room is at the right temperature. 19 degrees is recommended by paediatricians for night time. It’s better to dress baby in a thick babygro in a cooler room than to overheat the room.

The most pleasant step! You can personalise baby’s room with your choice of colours, patterns, stickers, a theme, in neutrals or for a boy or a girl. Express yourself! Bear in mind that everything has to be easily washable!

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