Being pregnant

Being pregnant

Falling pregnant

Getting pregnant
Getting pregnant
If you feel ready to have a baby, here's our advice for getting things started and getting pregnant!

Why not start with this little quiz that will tell you if you're ready for a baby. And if it's the right time to get pregnant.

And to maximise your chances of conceiving, get all your questions about ovulation answered and find out how to calculate your ovulation date (or use our interactive ovulation calculator).

If you're struggling to get  pregnant, there are a number of possible causes of fertility problems. Consult your GP who will be able to advise you on what steps to take.

Confirmation: What to do to find out if you're pregnant
If you're experiencing some of the first signs of pregnancy and are convinced that you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test to confirm.

Glossary for the pregnant woman

Being pregnant
Being pregnant
The first question to cross most pregnant women's minds is: I'm pregnant: now what do I do?

Being pregnant is about embarking on a journey that is full of strange terms and examinations, anxieties and joys.

To help you find your feet, here's a small glossary of terms for the pregnant woman:

Alcohol and pregnancy: Alcohol and pregnancy don't go together. Alcohol can cause serious demage to the fetus.
Amniocentesis: Pre-natal test that takes a sample of amniotic fluid to determine if there any fetal abnormalities.
Announcing your pregnancy: To whom and how to announce that you're pregnant.
Announcing your pregnancy to youremployer: It's a legal obligation to tell your employer that you are pregnant and intend to take maternity leave 15 weeks before your baby is due.
Check-ups: A recap of the medical check-ups you’ll have while you’re pregnant.
Ectopic pregnancy: Pregnancy where the fetus starts to develop outside of the uterus.
Exercise and pregnancy: Not all sports are recommended for pregnant women. Which ones are OK?
Gestational diabetes: A specific type of diabetes that some pregnant women experience.
hCG: Hormone secreted by the placenta at the beginning of pregnancy.
High blood pressure: Increased blood pressure during pregnancy can be dangerous for both mother and child.
Holidaying when pregnant: Precautions to take when going on holiday and pregnant.
Miscarriage The unexpected termination of a pregnancy.
Morning sickness and nausea: Sensation of nausea and vomiting that occurs in some pregnant women, particularly in the morning.
Multiple pregnancies Pregnancy where the pregnant woman expects two or more children.
Pregnancy tests: Urines tests used to confirm you're pregnant.
Finding out baby's sex: Should you find out your baby's sex before the birth?
Sex during pregnancy: Even when pregnant, sex is still possible.
Signs of pregnancy: The telltale signs that may indicate you're expecting.
Smoking and pregnancy: why smoking and being pregnant don't go together.
Sun exposure during pregnancy: Steps to take to proect yourself in the sun when pregnant.
Toxoplasmosis: A parasitic infection that can be harmful for your unborn baby.
Travelling while pregnant: Moving about when pregnant sometimes requires a few adjustments.
Twins: Pregnancy where the pregnant mum expects two children.
Ultrasound scans: A non-invasive scan carried out several times during pregnancy to monitor the fetus' development.
Weight gain during pregnancy: Pregnant women must pay attention to how much weight she puts on during pregnancy in order to prevent medical complications.

Pregnancy month by month

Month by month, here are the essential
Being pregnant month by month
Being pregnant month by month
stages of your pregnancy: the changes you'll go through and the development of your baby.

You can also keep track of your pregnancy with our interactive pregnancy calendar

Things to prepare while you're pregnant

Pregnant: Preparing for the birth
Pregnant: Preparing for the birth
Being pregnant is a source of happiness, discoveries and surprises. To begin organising your life after the birth of your baby, you'll have to deal with the ins and outs of maternity leave and paternity leave, as well as the different childcare options if you're going to be going back to work.

You'll discover that choosing a name for your baby can be a great source of amusement but frustration as well. If we could give you one piece of advice it's to never tell anyone the name you've chosen before the birth: there will always be someone who will try to dissuade you from that particular name and thereby sow doubt in your mind. Instead, keep it to yourself, and once baby's born, everyone will say just how well the name suits him/her!

A few weeks before the birth, why not organise a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth?

And also give some thought to breastfeeding versus formula milk.

Pregnant... right up to the birth!

Childbirth is a
moment that you can't wait for, but at the same time you're in fear of. It can be a source of real anxiety because it's "the unknown" for first-time mums.

To reassure yourself, begin by getting to know the three stages of labour which take place successively.

It's also worth finding out what is involved exactly with an episiotomy, an epidural and a Caesarean in case you need them.

Being pregnant is definitely an adventure full of worries, discoveries, twists and turns... and joys!
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