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How to dress your baby bump like an A-list star

by Alison Potter ,
How to dress your baby bump like an A-list star© Tiffany Rose

Expecting a baby used to mean you were confined to the fashion wilderness for 9 months, but famous mums like Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham have proved that this doesn't have to be the case. These hot mamas make pregnancy look chic and it definitely can be! Looking stylish in maternity wear isn’t just for the A-list.

We spoke to Tiffany London, founder and creative director of Tiffany Rose – the celebrity yummy-mummy brand of choice – to get her tips and tricks on how to dress that baby bump like a pro.

What are the most important things to bear in mind in terms of dressing a pregnant figure?

It’s really important you select the right fabrics. Finer, slinkier fabrics can be gathered and draped for flattering detail. Opt for fabrics that are breathable and offer a little stretch - whether it’s slinky jersey, beautiful lace or fine silk chiffon - so that you feel super comfortable at any stage of pregnancy without feeling restricted.

What kind of shapes and colours are most flattering for a baby bump?

Some colours are probably easier to wear than others but I don’t think that bears any relation to being pregnant.

Well-tailored, curve-hugging styles in high quality stretch fabrics can be very flattering. Many of our full-length gowns have an empire line to cinch you in at the waist and add a beautiful drape to skim your bump.

A well-chosen satin or jewelled sash adds a finishing touch, as well as highlighting the slimmest part of your body.

Does being pregnant restrict you from following catwalk trends?

In principle there’s nothing to stop you following the latest colours, silhouettes and fabric trends. You want designs that flatter and so you could choose to incorporate on-trend accent colours, finishes or details in a more subtle way if that's easier.

How do you ensure that you dress comfortably during your pregnancy, but still look stylish?

When choosing a dress for a special occasion, don’t up-size just because you’re pregnant and certainly don’t compromise on your style!

Don’t be afraid of figure-hugging styles either as these can be incredibly flattering when made well with the right fabrics.

If you want to look really stylish as well as feel comfortable, be prepared to invest a little in quality items for your maternity wardrobe.

You should be able to get very regular wear out of it throughout pregnancy and post-birth and some may work equally well beyond pregnancy.

Good quality jerseys can be washed endlessly and still look like new. Opt for breathable fabrics and check their composition when buying to make sure they won’t itch or scratch – during pregnancy your skin can be more sensitive than usual.

Does being pregnant automatically mean covering up?

Absolutely not! This is a very exciting time and it’s an opportunity to celebrate your curves and have fun with your style.

Every pregnant woman should have the chance to feel stylish and glamorous without dressing any differently to before. You shouldn’t have to change your style just because you’re pregnant.

What should a pregnant woman bear in mind in terms of evening and occasion wear?

Opt for colours, cuts and fabrics that you would normally wear, but designed for pregnancy.

​For special occasions, embrace your new curves with plunging necklines and figure-hugging fabrics. Or for more modest cuts, try subtle stretch lace dresses with sheer necklines and sleeves as they offer perfect coverage but with every sense of dressiness.

Blending textures and combining sheer with opaque are just some of the ways you can create an understated yet glamorous evening effect.

Are there are any pieces that you might want to think about buying which are appropriate for your post pregnancy wardrobe too?

I would definitely recommend having pieces in your maternity wardrobe that will carry through for post pregnancy.

Really useful pieces are nursing dresses that are designed both for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Dresses are incredibly comfortable for post-birth, especially if you have had a caesarean, where you don’t want any pressure from waistbands.

Do you have any celebrity clientele who are fans of Tiffany Rose?

We have been very lucky to dress many celebrities over the years including Emma Bunton, Myleene Klass, Holly Willoughby, Una Healy and Kate Silverton.

Why do you think you've gathered such a celebrity following?

We understand the importance of looking gorgeous, glamorous and feeling your absolute best, whether you’re gliding down the Red Carpet, presenting to millions of television viewers or walking down the aisle.

We’ve spread through word-of-mouth amongst our celebrity clients and their stylists – so hopefully our celebrity clients have been very happy with us!

We have a large London-based design studio, so we have the skills and resources to create beautiful (and bespoke) designs in-house at very short notice. We also have access to a huge range of luxurious fabrics and have unrivalled expertise in designing high-end occasion wear for pregnant women.

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