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Osteopathy Pregnancy

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Osteopathy Pregnancy

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine which aims to treat the person as a whole, taking into account body, mind and spirit. It recognises the bodies ability to heal itself and so with osteopathy pregnancy can be healthy and trouble-free.

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Osteopathy Pregnancy

What osteopathy in pregnancy involves:

-12 week check: Normally there’s an assessment after the 12 week scan where the osteopath will check for any problems arising from ligament and muscular change and treat aches and pains or common pregnancy problems such as heartburn or pubic pain using gentle mobilisation techniques.

-Third trimester check: If there are no ongoing problems mums-to-be have another check up two or three months later and, if problem-free, they return after the birth.

-Advice, exercises and techniques: Mums are given advice on breathing techniques, clothing and footwear, stretches and exercises to maintain health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy.

What can osteopathy in pregnancy help with:

Osteopathy techniques can help prepare the way for a more trouble-free childbirth, by improving flexibility in the pelvis and abdomen, and can also help the mother recover after birth.

-Pain relief: Andrea Lecky, MA, BSc Ost-Med, RGN, ONC says A common problem during pregnancy is symphysis pubic dysfunction. It’s not uncommon to have someone arrive on crutches and in severe pain. We give a gentle mobilization treatment to the pelvic region - it’s a very nice relaxing treatment and the issue normally resolves after a few sessions.

-Breach and posterior babies: Lecky says, “Malpositioned babies can often reposition with no intervention, but where they don’t, osteopathy can be very successful in turning breach and posterior babies, (where there is no other medical indication). I’ve only ever experienced one breach baby that didn’t turn.”

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British Osteopathic Association

By Naomi Majid

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