Second Trimester

21 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 21

Big week

 - 21 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 21
Working during pregnancy just doesn't get easier © Hemera

This week I have found my bump has increased in size dramatically, so much so that my work uniforms just will not fit. I put my tunic on this week and I could only do up the top three buttons which isn’t great when your leaning over patients etc.

I have visions of me leaning over and my buttons flying of in different directions with colleagues and patients running to avoid the projectiles!

Work has been gradually getting more difficult. With the extreme tiredness I’m finding and the patient manual handling, I have to slow down.

I’m getting bigger so things are getting harder. My biggest problem when I’m at work is that I forget I’m pregnant so I will go to lift a patient of the table or go to pull on a pat slide and someone gently reminds me by saying why don’t you come this side or pushes me out the way before I harm myself.

I think is really down to mind set as when I’m not at work I have to carry my boy up the stairs when he’s asleep or carry him home from the shops as he has walked there but can’t make it back.

I guess in my first pregnancy you can afford to be a little bit more precious of your body and you will slow down naturally, whereas when it’s your second, your child doesn’t understand mummy is carrying a baby already and that it is hard work for her to carry them too.

Although my little one is still little, we have been talking to him about the baby and showing him my bump. I have noticed when he’s tired he will rest his head on bump and rub my tummy which is very sweet.

However there are times when he uses my tummy as a bouncy castle, and takes me very unaware. I don’t think he really understands but at least we have been talking about the baby with him.

I don’t think I can prepare him as much as if he was older. Luckily my sister is also due very soon. We are hoping that by being exposed to regular contact with a baby and seeing me holding baby, it may help in reducing my son’s jealously when baby boy two arrives.

Either way my son knows how to throw a temper tantrum which may be related to the new baby coming or just the fact he is entering the terrible twos!

Either way we have had some horrific scenes. People who have had children give you the sympathetic look of ‘it does get better,’ and those without children tisk and tut as if you’re the worse parent in the world - if they had children they would never do that.

More than an eyefull

Pregnancy boobs - result © iStockphoto

I think another reason I’m very tired is not just the pregnancy but I find I have to do something with our little boy in order to tire him out. Usually this is a long walk, kite flying, playing at the park or going swimming.

This week when swimming, I had two big problems. Although my swimming costume is a maternity costume and fitted well in number one pregnancy, this week my boobs have grown so much that I literally was falling out all the time.

I take our little one to a fun pool which he can walk in and go down slides and play in the waves, so therefore trying to keep my boobs in place whilst running after him was proving difficult.

After catching our little boy down the slide and maintaining some kind of dignity, my little boy started waving. I couldn’t work out who he was waving at, and I asked him who are you waving at? He answered “up”. So I looked up, and on the balcony above the pool was a guy, waving very embarrassingly to my little boy and edging into the gym.

Then it dawned on me, my little boy had busted the man looking down at my not so well covered boobies and had waved at him. Nice one son.

I have to say I couldn’t stop laughing, and the guy was obviously embarrassed and doing awkward side steps away from my sons friendly gaze, trying to hide the obvious boob watching he’d been doing.

So we all waved, just to make it that little bit worse for him. Needless to say a new swimming costume has been purchased!

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