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26 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 26

 - 26 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 26
26 weeks pregnant and that pain is still there © Pixland
I saw a physiotherapist this week in our local GP surgery. As I knew I had to take my little boy with me, I worked very hard to make him so tired that when it came to my two o’clock appointment he would be asleep.

So we went to the park early morning and ran around. Then we went swimming for an hour, after which I fed him a very heavy meal.

Then I kept him awake till about one o’clock, where I put him in his pram and took him for a walk, the long way round to the doctor’s surgery.

And about 30 minutes before the appointment, he was well and truly asleep.

I went into the surgery waiting room with my sleeping angel and my good book and looked forward to thirty minutes me time.

But some things are just not meant to be. A mother and her child were waiting to pick a prescription and the little boy decided to run into the children’s area of the waiting room and pick the noisiest toy there. I rushed with the pram out of the door so as to keep my little man in the quiet, but it was too late - he was now wide awake and very grumpy.

I went into the physiotherapy consulting room and a brief history was taken about my problem back, when it started and how I was managing it at the moment.

Back pain in pregnancy

Back pain in pregnancy © Hemera
I was then asked to do various movements in order to assess where the problem was localized. I had to touch my toes, reach to the side, lie on my back and move my knee and then gently rock my hips to the side.

Then I had to lie on my side where she pressed several areas to test where was the most reactive and sensitive. I did all of this between finding bottles of juice, milk, food, toys and books for my now very awake little boy.

After the examination, we discussed the problem and the physiotherapist felt that it was a problem to do with my sacro-illiac joint, and lower lumbar spine.

I was told that this can be a problem in pregnancy as the body produces a hormone called relaxin, which softens ligaments in the pelvis and joints in order for the baby to pass through the pelvis during birth.

The pelvic pain can occur as the softening combined with body changes can put too much stress on the joints which therefore changes in muscle strength, joint mobility and posture.

Therefore the pelvis is less stable especially when lying down, standing or walking. This sacro-illiac pain is sometimes called pelvic girdle pain (PGP), which can often be misdiagnosed as sciatica.

The method of managing the pain was to use heat and carry out some mobilizing exercises. Another method of aiding the pain is to lie on my back on the floor and rest my legs on a stool or settee. I have to say this does really help.

I have also been referred for further exercises in order to aid the pain from my lumbar spine down to my toes. So I feel I’m heading in the right direction, so I’m a very happy pregnant mummy.

However this week we have all come down with a hideous cold. We have all suffered this week but due to being pregnant my cold made me even more run down and I developed ulcers on my throat, which with mouthwash, good eating and consciously remembering to take my pregnancy vitamins (never ever remember usually) I have only just regained a level of normality.

However in my cold stupor and the lack of sleep as my little boy was running a high temperature all night, I forgot to attend my midwife appointment (oops!) so I have rescheduled for next week. What a week!

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