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27 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 27

 - 27 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 27
Chocolate and coronation chicken anyone? © iStockphoto

This week I celebrated my 31st birthday. I obviously didn't have the bottle of wine that someone sent me (that's waiting for post-baby).

But I did eat my amazing birthday cake that hubby and my little boy put together which had all my sweet cravings fulfilled - chocolate fingers, smarties and white chocolate icing- if they had added coronation chicken it would be my craving delight!

At the end of a lovely day, I had my physiotherapy appointment. I have renamed him, my physio terrorist!

He really made me work and totally confirmed that it was not sciatica but pelvic and lumbar problems due to the body relaxing muscles in preparation for birth but also my posture changing dramatically with the increase in baby size.

With my first baby I will categorically admit that I was very, very, very precious. If I could sit I would, if I could lie down I did, I slept loads and I ate loads too.

The opposite is so true now. I am very unlikely to find five minutes to rest and as for eating, I can honestly go a whole day and have had a bowl of cereal and a bit of fruit, as I am so busy sorting little one out I forget to stop and sort myself out.

This obviously has alter the amount of weight I have put on in this pregnancy. With my first I put weight on all over, however in this pregnancy I have really just put on a big bump, which means that it is totally unbalancing me.

What is happening is that as baby increases in size and weight, I am leaning further backwards to counteract the weight alteration, resulting in an increased hollow in my lower back or lordosis to give it the technical term.

As the lordosis increases it tilts the pelvis forward too. Therefore the physiotherapist has taught me to 'stand tall and walk tall'.

This means that I have to contract my abdominal muscles (which is obviously hard when everything is loosening) and buttocks in order to tilt my pelvis backwards. In order to hello me to do this I have been advised to wear a pelvis belt which helps to support my pelvic joints.

It lifts the bump and pulls everything together. I was a little dubious on the belt but I wore it for less than five minutes, took it off and my back was absolutely killing so now I don't go anywhere without it!

Coping techniques

I still use a large pillow in-between my knees at night which eases the pressure on my back and pelvis. I've also started using a hot water bottle on my back which really does help. Although they still recommend rest which although seems impossible it does help when I get the chance.

No more crazy toddler lifts like this! © iStockphoto

Things like lifting have to be re-assessed and I'm trying to distribute the weight of my toddler when I lift him as I tend to put him on one hip which knocks me off balance. I also get him to stand on a chair so that the distance I have to pick him up his less. I also don't go out without the buggy so when his legs do get tired I don't end up carrying him.

He prefers it to as he can still hold the ten interesting stones he's collected on the walk, and have a good nose around rather than hanging off of me.

I have altered the way I get in to the car as that often set off the pain, so now I sit down first then lift my legs in one at a time and then do the opposite to get out. It looks a little strange but it does help me and if it avoids pain then I will continue.

I learned a lot at this physiotherapist session which has really helped but he also massaged the sore areas and I think that the pain might have actually been worse than child birth (maybe an exaggeration can't make my mind up).

I actually felt worse after than I did before and the next day I was almost incapable of doing anything.

However the day after that it did feel looser and with the pelvic support belt things are feeling a lot better. Not to say it doesn't still hurt but I guess I'm being more careful with myself.

It's all down to re-thinking repetitive tasks such as hoovering or making beds and re-adapting the positions I would usually do it in. I think I must be their star patient as I really listened and remembered all the buzz words and phrases and I’m certainly doing my homework! Anything to get rid of the pain and I’m one happy expectant mumma.

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