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28 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 28

 - 28 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 28
Tom hoped Teddy wasn't ill too © iStockphoto

This week has really highlighted the difference between my first and second pregnancy...I’ve literally had no time to think about this pregnancy lately with all the commotion of looking after a poorly toddler. Let me explain.

My little boy has never been a good sleeper, has a terrible temper when provoked but has never ever been a miserable baby. That is how I know when he is not well.

He had been a little miserable when we went to see my parents for a few days away, which again is very unusual as he loves his grandparents.

Anyway as the day went on he started to get a high temperature and then he was almost delirious, laughing one minute, crying the next and then trying to sleep but his eyes rolling and sleep talking.

It all started to get a little scary. So I took him to the doctors - as he had developed a rash, mostly on his hands, feet, groin and some on his face but also had ulcers in his mouth.

Turns out he has hand, foot and mouth disease. It has been doing the rounds at nursery and usually at his age it is quite mild but not my little boy - he is covered. So it's affecting his sleep, his eating and drinking. He is also very mummy-needy, which I don't think anyone minds.

I love the fact that he thinks I can solve or cure everything that's wrong in his little world but it is very hard with this as I really can't do anything.
So why am I talking about this in a pregnancy blog? Well its quite simple really. The problem is that it has taken its toll on me.

Tiredness is taking it's toll © iStockphoto

If the little one has sleepless nights so do I. Because he is struggling to sleep he has to sleep next to me in bed while I stroke his head, give him his medicine on time, put cream on his spots, all when he is either totally out of it or crying his eyes out.

It's also the worry, I can't sleep properly when he does as I'm just thinking the worse all the time and therefore I'm checking every twenty minutes that he's breathing properly, not too hot, not too cold.

When he's feeling better, which is an hour after he’s had some magic Calpol I'm experimenting with what he can eat.

He has so any ulcers on his tongue that he can only tolerate very smooth or soft things. However I'm concentrating so much on what I am feeding him that I forget to eat, so suddenly I will feel faint or sick (which I have been a few times just through not eating or getting enough sleep).

One of my main worries is dehydration as he doesn't want a bottle but I have been giving him water or juice from my cup, so he ends up having what I’m supposed to!

So as you can imagine I’m getting more and more run down as he is getting better and better.

Luckily though hubby is back from work and is taking a few days off to look after me whilst I have a little boy hanging of me like a little poorly monkey!

Again like I have said so many times before, because I'm pregnant if he gets anything I then have to be tested to see if I have anything and what it may do to the baby.

My doctor is looking it all up and I'm waiting for a phone call but the general consensus is that it won't directly affect me or baby.

Nonetheless I am more than likely to be contagious as obviously my immune tolerance is lower as my body is making my unborn baby’s protection it's priority.
Therefore although it's is unlikely I will develop the actual disease it is likely I am infectious so I have been advised not to work at the hospital.

Also I've started to develop ulcers - argh another thing to worry about!

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