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29 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 29

 - 29 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 29
29 weeks pregnant - hurry up baby! © Hemera
After my son was diagnosed with hand foot and mouth last week, I’ve been worried that I might catch it too, but luckily I didn't.

However the disturbed sleep and the stress of my son being ill took it’s toll on me and I ended up getting really run down. I am really noticing that I have very limited energy, the closer I get to my due date.

I am also having never ending colds as I guess my body is giving the majority of my nutrients and immunity to the baby, so there’s not a lot left for me.

When the weekend arrived my husband got up with our poorly boy and I have to admit I struggled to get out of bed (ok - that’s nothing new, but this pregnancy is making it a whole lot worse).

Sleeping is still difficult for me as I’m in and out going to the bathroom and I still have bad dreams. I have also on several occasions woke and been totally shocked that there is this huge bump under my T-shirt! That’s not good is it? At 29 weeks you’d think I’d be used to it by now!

Also my growing baby moves constantly at night so it gets quite uncomfortable and sometimes a foot leaps out of my tummy like an alien which is totally freaky - especially in the middle of the night!

The Braxton Hicks contractions continue too and I get a real deep pain in my back, which I remember getting when I went into labor. Also baby is very low and therefore can be very uncomfortable.

However I shouldn't complain as my first was always high which made me sick all the time but also meant labor took forever (over 24 hours) as he took his time to make his way out.

I'm hoping this time with the baby so low and all the practice aches and pains it will be a much quicker birth. Heer’s hoping!

The birth plan

© Hemera
However my husband and I are convinced this baby will be early so we've talked through our birth plan, which will go through with midwife next week.

The plan (which I don't think you ever truly follow on D-day) is to go to the maternity led unit on the main hospital site and hopefully have a water birth if available.

The pain relief options are to go for gas and air (or entonox) and depending on how long the labor takes, pethidine. Which is exactly the same birth plan as with our first. I'm just praying for a shorter less complicated labor. I'm also hoping it's not as bad as I am starting to remember it was.

Also with the aim of being prepared for anything, we have started packing our hospital bag, getting contact numbers together and working out what we do with little one, as I don't want him witnessing the miracle of birth in our front room!

For the hospital bag I have put a few outfits for baby, including a little hat and I got some good deals on newborn nappies too.

I think I have packed better this time than last. Last time I put a pair of maternity leggings in the bag but they kept falling down but also I couldn't fit into my normal clothes, so this time I've put clothes in that are stretchy but I wore before pregnancy, and although I won't look very classy, I have gone for sports kit such as yoga pants, a t shirt and a zip up fleece for easy access for breast feeding.

Although I'm trying to stay optimistic that I will be in and out in six hours, I'm also preparing for a stay. I have night wear (which I think I lived in with my first for the first few weeks) wash bag, very very thick sanitary towels (it is totally a shock how much you bleed after childbirth.

It is something you’re warned about but don't really expect), I've also packed breast pads, feeding bra, snacks (as you feel like your starving after all the energy expended during childbirth but also breast feeding) and some bits for me for when I get some downtime...

I’ve brought a book but will also take iPod and magazine on the day, just so I can relax if I have to stay in, but hoping I can be home in my own surroundings as quickly as possible and start some kind of juggling act with two children in tow!

Although this may all seem too early to be preparing I would rather be over prepared then caught out. As I write this I can feel the Braxton Hicks start up again. When will this baby stop using my bladder as a bouncy castle?!

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