Third Trimester

30 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 30

I saw my midwife this week and I knew my little one was going to have to come with me. I had it all planned out, well, as much as someone with baby brain can! Firstly I couldn't remember the exact time, I had the day and am rough idea of what hour but that's as much use a chocolate tea pot.

So I rang the surgery the day before and got the details. I remembered that I had deliberately got an appointment after lunch as if my little boy is going to sleep in the day (which is a rarity) it would be around that time.

 - 30 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 30
I need to get tired before mum's midwife appointment! © Hemera

But I had decided to feed him, take him to the park for a long run around an hour before, then drive the long way to the doctors so that the car would aid him into a state of sleepiness.

So we were an hour and a half before appointment time, I had my notes, urine sample, some milk and a biscuit just to seal the sleep deal.

We were half way out of the door when I could smell and see that my little one needed changing. So I opened up the conservatory and did a quick change of nappy and off we went.

We went to the playground and ran around, up and down on the slide, swinging high in the swing and a couple of times walking, running and chasing round the cricket pitch.

I was ready drop. We had 20 minutes to my appointment so we got in the car had our “milk and choccy” as my little boy calls it and I drove for 15 minutes (the doctors is only 5mins away so it was definitely the long way round) all in the hopes of some toddler shut-eye.

Did my little boy sleep-no!

But I have to say he was tired so the amount of damage he could wreck at the midwifes should be minimal.

Baby Brain

So we were there, and the midwife was running on time. I delved into my bag to produce my notes and urine sample, and I couldn't find them. Now I didn't panic at first as my bag is like MaryPoppins.’ It's never ending, my husband calls it the bag of doom.

So I took everything out; purse, phone, nappy changing stuff, swimming nappies, beakers, snacks, toys, glasses, sun glasses etc etc. No notes and no urine sample but also no car keys! And no sign of my pre pregnancy organized self either!

The midwife was very understanding and wrote everything down for me to put in later.

My blood pressure was normal, which was surprising as my heart was racing about the car keys! The baby’s heart rate was also good.

And as for my measurements... well. You should be 1cm for every week of pregnancy so at thirty weeks I should be 30cm, whereas I'm measuring nearly 34cm.

My first baby was a middle of the range 8lb 3oz, which is still big when you’re pushing, but this baby is looking very likely to be a much bigger baby! Gulp.

Anyway they will keep an eye on me and if I continue to measure big then I will be sent for a growth ultrasound scan. Anyway everything with my baby is fine. And as for my little boy, well he had rung the reception downstairs whilst I was being measured and having a good old conversation with them.

As for the car keys- they were in the waiting room just where I’d left them. Oops.
My notes and urine sample were still nowhere to be seen. I looked in the car, in the kitchen, in the hall, down the back of the sofa, all to no avail.

That night my husband and I were folding the dry washing when he said: “Why is there a bottle of urine and your notes perched on the clothes horse?”

Then it dawned on me, I had must have put them there in the conservatory when I was changing my little boys nappy!

The joys of baby brain!

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