Third Trimester

32 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 32 

In order to get ready for baby number two, we decided to make the transition from cot to bed for our eldest. Now it may seem a little premature as baby will be in a Moses basket for at least four - six months, which in terms of time we have plenty.

 - 32 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 32
32 weeks pregnant and counting down! © Banana Stock

However after talking to friends we started to factor in other things, as this transition to a bed, is never smooth and that freedom of being able to get in and out of bed can be very disturbing to everyone's sleep.

There’s also the fact that my son might feel pushed out by his new baby brother who not only takes the attention away but also will be taking up my bed!

The final most important factor in making this decision is that I caught my little boy with one foot over the side of the cot ready to abseil down, holding teddy skilfully as he went. Yes definitely time for a new bed.

So while my little man was at nursery, we moved the cot out, and built his bed, put a new duvet on with a cover of Buzz Lightning on, who he adores and waited for his reaction.

When he got home he was so happy, he jumped in, then out, cuddled the Buzz Lightyear duvet to death, showed teddy where he was going to sleep and finally just laid down with sheer excited exhaustion. We couldn't have asked for a better reaction.
That night he slept right through and we thought wow we've cracked it. Skip forward to the next night, our little man had bath time, went to bed and fell asleep. However at 11.30, who should be next to our bed shouting: “Hello mummy hello daddy!” but our I-am-so-not-tired little boy.

We were up and down putting him back into bed till 3am. At 5am we woke to find a little sleepy boy stretched out between the two of us. We have no idea when he got in. And as easy as it would be to just let him stay, we had made a pact that we were going to be firm and not let him sleep with us as it's a habit very hard to break once it is set in.

So we moved him back and at 7am we were all up for the day. This lasted three nights, one night he fell out of bed onto the mattress on the floor and the next he was found on the sofa bed in his room, under Buzz.

Us parents were absolutely hanging out. Someone suggested a bed guard and that has finally cracked it as he now has to make quite a lot of effort to escape, and even when he does, we only have to shout bed as soon as we hear the door open and he skuttles back.

Sleep deprivation

32 weeks pregnant - feeling well rested might not happen again for years! © iStockphoto

Now you may wonder why I write about this in a pregnancy blog, but it made me remember what the sleepless nights will be like, and what it can do to the way you function during the day- or should that be malfunction...

Well there are a few examples like putting the coke cans in the freezer, and putting milk in the washing machine, loosing my keys and never remembering my address, which always leads to the question have you not been there long? Which I have to lie about, as we have been here for ages but it’s just getting embarrassing.

However my best tired baby brain moment this week, was whilst ordering something on the phone for a friend, I gave the postcode as you do using words to describe the letters.

So I was trying to say BP, and probably should have said Bravo, Papa but no I said Baby Poo! Well I didn't really know how to deal with that little baby brain/sleep deprived mistake so I just burst into laughter, with the girl in the other vend having hysterics too. All I can say is what am I going to be like with two kids, sleep deprivation and exhaustion from breast feeding?!

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