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11 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 11

 - 11 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 11
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This week I met my midwife. I was a little bit sneaky and told my husband the appointment was 5pm, when it was actually 5:30pm.

I think he knew but I just wanted some me-time to read a magazine in the waiting room and concentrate on the baby rather than thinking of all the jobs I need to do at home or running after our son, (who does not walk anywhere at the moment just full-on-speed-head runs).

I’ve been running after him so much, I think I could pass the RAF fitness test again, well maybe.

During this appointment the midwife took all my details; this was basic demographics and then my health and how my last pregnancy was.

This gave her an overall picture of my health and whether I was low risk, which at the moment I am.

First midwife meeting

Some of the questions she asks are straightforward like: is this your second pregnancy? How was your son born? And then things about me like: do you have high blood pressure? Or diabetes?
Then she started asking about my husband...and it still makes me giggle when I think about these questions.

So you go through his demographics, date of birth, occupation etc and then his medical background (my husband is a type 1 diabetic) and then we come to the million dollar question.

“So are you blood related to your husband?” Now this is the one where I pause not to answer but to take in what has just been said, and I’m like “Umm definitely not but do you have…” “Oh yes you would be surprised,” she answers, and by the look on my face she can see that I am!

After all of the questions I then had a few bottles of blood taken (sounds a lot but they’re only tiny) for my screening tests which include anemia, syphillus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

These all have to be taken with your permission and to be honest if you do have them, they can reduce the risk to the baby but obviously not cure them if you do have any of the above.

Although I had all these tests with first baby and know that they will be fine, it still plays at the back of your mind. I mean I do work in a hospital (as a radiographer) and you hear of sharps injuries etc, but then I think: “Don’t be so stupid - if you’d had a sharps injury you would know about it!”

Yes pregnancy paranoia has kicked in as well as ‘baby brain.’ Good example, as the midwife was taking my blood she put a tourniquet on my left arm and asked me to open and shut my hands, so what did I do? Open and shut my right hand and then stopped, looked at her and we both had hysterics.

We then did my blood pressure which was completely normal. I was glad as I’ve had a few dizzy spells lately but I think that’s more to do with lack of sleep and a very energetic 1 year old!

My baby's heartbeat

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Then to the best bit, listening for the baby’s heartbeat. I have to warn people, don’t be surprised if your midwife doesn’t do this at your first appointment - it is quite unusual as the likelihood is you wont hear it as the baby is so tiny and usually quite far back and if your carrying a bit of weight (like me) you can’t usually hear it.

And best of all, we definitely heard ‘Bean’ moving, (the machine makes a horrible noise) and we think we heard the heartbeat too, but as I say I’m not worried and I’ve now got my date for my scan which is in two weeks time, so there’s not long until we will get to see 'Bean'.

I’m very excited, but a bit sad too as my husband has to work and I’ll have to take my little one with me which just means I can never concentrate on what’s being said, so I’m really hoping my mum can come along for the support.

So... the first midwife appointment is done and dusted, and this baby had my full attention the whole time.

Everything is OK so far, but I’m starting to look like a pin cushion (I forgot that bit about pregnancy, with all the constant blood giving) and I have all the little pee pots in my handbag for the next appointment - there really is no glamour in pregnancy!
As for the rest of the time, I’ve been reading my pregnancy book and using quotes from it to get out of housework and gardening etc. Things like: you need to be careful of lifting (does that include the hover? I hope so!) And when gardening be aware of cats poo.

But all the excuses in the world can’t hide the dust on the widow sills and the fluff on the carpet, and whilst my little one is at nursery I think: “I’m just going to have to get on with it.”

An hour later my husband texts me these magic words: “I read in the pregnancy book that you should keep house work to a minimum and go to bed as early as you can, so put your feet up, get a glass of sparkling water and chill. I’ll clean at the weekend.”
Ahh, he is a great husband, shame I’d already done it all by the time text came through. Grr!!

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