Second Trimester

12 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 12

The beginning of this week I was unsure what to write about as my first trimester has nearly finished and I was feeling perfectly normal with no pregnancy signs or symptoms to speak of... and then all the drama started on Monday night.

My friend was down to stay as my husband was away with work and we took my son for an evening walk across the fields (a cunning ploy to tire him out).

As we were walking back I had a pain in my tummy as though I had taken loads of laxative (I only know this because when I was younger I stupidly took some to make me look slimmer in a dress for a summer ball - all it did was make me ill for days on end).

Anyway I didn’t think much about the pain but felt uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. The next day we took my son out and about again, but my pains were getting worse and worse so my poor friend and I had to go home. Then it all kicked off.

Labour pains

 - 12 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 12
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I can honestly say the pains were like labor - just as persistent and consistent. My stomach went from a grumbly unhappy tummy to a raging angry violent stomach ache and sorry if it’s TMI but the diarrhea constant!

I literally couldn’t go ten minutes without rushing to the loo. By the time my friend left Tuesday night I thought I was dying.

On Wednesday it continued - just as savagely. Luckily another one of my wonderful friends who has a little girl, came over to watch my little boy whilst I went to the doctors.

The doctor was fantastic and thorough; however he focused on me and not the baby as he couldn’t really check the baby’s heartbeat through all the churning and gurgling of my stomach noises.

Luckily there was no sign of the baby being in distress as I had no bleeding and even though my stomach is still painful to touch it is all over the bowel area rather than where the baby is.

The doctor found that I had a high heart rate when standing compared to sitting but that is due to dehydration - which could damage the baby. If I’m dehydrated then so is ‘Bean.’

So I returned back home and my son was pleased to have someone to play with as I had been useless, understandable to everyone but him as he has no idea what’s happening. He can’t understand why mummy can’t get his breakfast straight away as I’m doubled over on the loo and not so able to play lego towers...

My friend stayed over all day and even said she could stay overnight - it’s true we all get by with a little help from our friends! The next day was nursery day... a chance for mummy to rest properly - finally!

I just about got him to nursery and then I had to go into a supermarket and use the loos before I got home. My son walked into nursery, waved at me and went to play, he always puts a little tearful mummy-don’t-leave routine but not this time - clearly he was well and truly fed up with ill mummy.

Baby related bug?

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So now I’m sitting here and the pain continues, the diarrhea carries on, my specimen is not back from the lab and all I can do is drink flat lemonade, water and eat dry toast. I have no idea what caused this and I can only pray baby Bean is OK.

Tuesday will be when we find out, luckily my mum is coming as husband is away with work again (another reason I’m surprised we ever got pregnant).

I'm trying not to worry about baby Bean as I have kept myself as hydrated as I can and there are no obvious signs this hell is baby related... only the ultrasound will tell the truth.

All I can say after this week is thank goodness for friends and family, they really are there when you need them and it has seriously made re-think expanding this family anymore than what we have (e.g. husband, me and two little ones) as I found it hard to cope with one and being so ill on my own, let alone two but forget three or four!

However this episode has made me think more about baby Bean and made me more desperate than I’ve been through this whole pregnancy just to see him/her and know that they’re ok.

So we will wait and see but to end on some good news, whilst I may have made best friends with the loo this week, I haven’t had ‘slapped cheek syndrome.’ Every cloud...

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