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 - 25 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 25
25 weeks pregnant | pregnancy week 25 - Stress & Braxton Hicks
25 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 25

I had never experienced this in my first pregnancy, butI'm now 25 weeks pregnant and I'me getting Braxton Hicks!!

It's week 25 of my pregnancy and over the last few days in the afternoon I have had what is known as Braxton Hicks contractions.

At first I admit it was very scary as I genuinely thought I was going in to early labor. At 25 weeks pregnant this is NOT how you want to be feeling. Eeek!

The Braxton Hicks!

My stomach goes incredibly tight like an over inflated balloon and then I get a terrible pain and I genuinely feel like I am about to have the baby there and then.

It started a few days ago. I think I am terribly stressed at the moment with different bits and bobs, and haven't had a minute to myself. Time is ticking and I'm trying to get myself in some kind of order so when the baby comes it's not too chaotic.

Every time I finish something on my list though, another three more things get added!! It's that sort thing!

The problem is when your hormonal, tired and trying to entertain a little one, plus having family over so they can see my sister’s little one, well let's just say it's like a never stopping merry go around, and I honestly think I might smash the phone as it is forever ringing.

Can you tell, I'm getting a little stressed?

It was just after my husband and I had fed eight adults and my little man, cleared up, made tea for everyone and, we were just going to sit down when I felt like someone had kicked me in the back.

It was a different pain to sciatica. It’s like when you get back pain round your period time but magnified ten times.

Then my stomach went rock hard, and I genuinely felt like the baby was coming. Obviously it was a shock and I couldn't really explain to my husband and family as I was on all fours heavy breathing, praying that the baby wasn't coming as it was far too early. Anyway after ten minutes of contraction pain, it eased and I felt well again.

When you have a contraction your uterus goes very tight, hence the solidness of your stomach. Braxton Hicks are contractions which are like real contractions but are almost practice ones. I never had them in my first pregnancy but it is quite common.

Emotionally it is scary as it reminded me of how horrific birth is (I'm not going to lie, it's not a walk in the park) and how close to the end I am, even though it feels a long way off.

Anyway all is fine, baby is having a good kick about and is constantly moving, which has brought back the nausea and indigestion but that's expected. I am gradually getting more and more tired, which I didn't think was possible!

It's amazing what I have forgotten since pregnancy number one!!! I'm hoping these Braxton Hicks contractions mean my body will be so well prepared for labor day that it will be a lot quicker and easier, and defiantly shorter pushing time than the last.

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Have you experienced Braxton Hicks?


Roanna Dolan
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