Third Trimester

31 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 31

I'm writing this blog post at one of those children’s indoor soft play areas, where the kids are darting around the cages and climbing frames, behaving like monkeys released into the wild.

 - 31 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 31
31 weeks pregnant © Hemera

My husband is running around with our 20 month year old son, going up tunnels through ball pools, over obstacles, under obstacles and downslides. And it all looks such fun.

As for me, well I am sat on a sofa, with my laptop and a hot chocolate. And I think this just sums up my week really, it's not that I'm not willing or don’t want to run around and enjoy these kinds of activities, it’s just that I can't!

I genuinely am waddling now, and am almost out of breath trying to keep up with my little one and he is getting just as frustrated as me. He is just so fast and active that I'm struggling to keep up.

And my bump is so forward that the other day on a walk with my little man I fell down a slope as he pulled me off balance. Considering he is nearly two, I can only blame my bump for toppling over so easily!

I have to drive to the park as even with the buggy, by the time we get there, I have used all my energy that I can't keep up with the endless requests to go up and down slides or fool around on the climbing frame.

I even struggle getting my little one out of the bath, especially when he goes into baby mode and wants me to lift him up, rather than standing to help.

My husband has started to use his leave, a few days here and there in order to run our little one around, and it is very beneficial too, because when he has been playing with daddy, bedtimes are so much easier.

It's also good as he has become a lot more daddy-orientated so as soon as he hears the key in the door he runs around excitedly shouting: “Daddy, daddy!” and then they start running around like wild boar.

This relationship is great as it means that he has gone from a totally mummy orientated baby (only because that's where the milk was) to a daddy's boy, which just means that when number two comes along and let's be honest really really dependent on me, our little man still has daddy to do crazy boy stuff with. Phew!

So going back to now, even though I'm jealous and frustrated that I can't play, I know shouldn't complain as if I re-evaluate the situation, bump and I are actually getting a much needed rest.

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