Third Trimester

33 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 33 

This week I have had terrible Braxton hicks, the baby feels very low and I feel like my pelvis is coming un-hinged. Needless to say it doesn’t feel too good.

 - 33 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 33
33 weeks pregnant © iStockphoto

Whilst at another wedding I actually thought I was going to upstage the whole thing as my contractions were so strong and frequent I honestly thought this baby was on his way.

Now they say anything before 37weeks is classed as premature, and although baby care units are fantastic and modern medicine is prepared for early birth I am still not ready for the whole labor thing, which has started to preoccupy my thoughts.

While we are organized in the practical sense, physically I'm certainly not ready for baby number two.

So between the pangs and tightness of practice contractions (it does annoy me as I really don't think I need the practice, it seems really unfair) we have been doubling our efforts to get ready for baby number two.

Now you would think we wouldn't need much more but I think with number two we are more aware of those things out there that just make your life a little easier, and with two I'm all for easy life.

This time we have bought some swaddled blankets and we’ve also got a pram and car seat liner as it was always so difficult taking baby out with hundreds of blankets and you were never sure he could breath under the weight of the blankets that were keeping him warm. We only got our eldest one when he was nearly a year and year have never looked back.

Pregnancy stress

Pregnancy pain at 33 weeks © iStockphoto

As for these constant Braxton hicks, back pain and labor worries, I am starting to get a little worried. I also think that because my husband isn't saying it's the same as last time, and is also noticing the drop in bump position I will have to contact the midwife.

I haven't got another appointment for at least another week, and to be honest I just want to hear someone tell me: “Don’t worry it's all fine, that's just how some pregnancies go,” and put my mind at rest, but it's also not easy to see a midwife before an appointment time as they are so over stretched, and you usually find your appointment time really is the earliest they can see you!

However I am watching for swelling, any show (which is the mucus blood plug that happens before labor) and trickling or gushing of waters.

My husband is being very authoritative and making me stay in bed when he's home so that both bump and I get some rest.

And I finally come to the conclusion that I can't keep up with my eldest son so I am trying to get him to do other activities such as painting, coloring, reading etc. Of course he hates sitting still, but it’s something he needs to learn!

Other problems that have occurred this week is that I have become constipated and in turn that has led to piles.

Again I think this is due to the pressure of the baby being so low. I have also turned into a weeing machine, I honestly think I may wet myself and am always so disappointed that when I go, it is always such a tiny trickle.

I have become very exhausted and although I’m really not comfortable whilst sleeping I'm too tired to fuss or care.

I'm having that kind of sleep where you are so tired it's not refreshing sleep it's just necessity and you never wake up feeling ready to take on the world, you actually feel you need to sleep just a little bit longer...

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