Second Trimester

13 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 13

This week I had my ultrasound scan and I was dreading it. Where I’d been so ill the week before I was obsessed something was wrong with the baby.

When you go for your ultrasound scan you need to have a full bladder as this allows a window to see the baby. I know that a lot of the time bladders aren’t as full as patients think they are, especially in pregnant women because too be honest if there’s a little bit of urine in your bladder you just want to go pee. It’s the pregnancy curse.

So, I was determined that I would have a full bladder.

I started drinking from 6am onwards although my appointment wasn’t till three pm. My theory was sound, if I started hydrating myself early then nearer the time any fluid I take on board would just go straight to my bladder as my body would be so hydrated.

I have to say it worked but a little too well.

Bladder control

 - 13 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 13
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As my mum, my little boy and I were driving to the hospital, I honestly thought I was going to wet myself. My mum was in hysterics saying I should have worn a nappy or those big lady pads for incontinent people.

I have to say if someone just randomly gave me one of those I’d have probably have given them the deeds to our house, I was that desperate.

I was so desperate that I knew I could not park the car, get the little one out and walk to the hospital as I knew I would have a wet patch (actually patch is totally underestimate to how much I needed to go, maybe the best description would be that my trousers would have looked as drenched as if they’d come out of a washing machine!)

So I pulled up in the dropping off bay in front of the hospital, leaving my poor mum with the keys, and burst to the loo. Luckily as I work at the hospital I know where all the loos are!

All I can say is there is no way I will be voted employee of the month, I just missed two dodgery old people walking in at funeral pace and a man with an empty baby car seat about to bring his newborn home as I yelled: “Sorry I need to pee!” to everyone that was between me and the toilet.

I got to the toilet and I went for ages, then I remembered why I needed to fill my bladder and then I tried to stop, I really did try but it just kept coming, eventually I did stop and I prayed that there was some in there. Who knew that going to the wee would become such a drama!

So, bladder somewhat emptied, I headed back to the car, a little more refined than coming in but not much. I parked the car and started the 5 minute walk from the car park to the hospital.

My mum took my little one and I gathered all the bags (those expecting their first baby will be amazed how much stuff your little one needs, just for entertainment purposes) and I took my sons two juice bottles (you’ll need a minimum of three bottles for your child when out - you’ll be surprised how much they want to drink when you haven’t packing anything) and he literally downed them like they were two pints of nice cold beer.

Bean's first scan

Finally in the right place for the appointment and I was immediately called through.

My height and weight were taken -these measurements go with the measurements taken at the nuchal scan and the blood test to assess the risk of a Down Syndrome baby.

I was also expecting a dating scan to calculate my due date based on Bean’s measurements.

I returned to the waiting room and unbelievably my son was behaving like an angel - unlike the little girl who was doing the best impression of a monkey having a temper tantrum (No bags with them, honestly I’m not being smug but you just have to have so much with you for every possible eventuality).

I go to start on my third bottle of juice when I am called in by the Sonographer, so we gather our bags and my mum comes in with me as I’ve been so worried that there’s something wrong, (and no one wants to get bad news on their own.)

The Sonographer put the probe on my tummy and I held my breath as I just know she is going to send me out like a naughty little school girl and tell me to fill my bladder some more.

But the first thing she said was: “Well done that’s an extremely full bladder.” My mum and I just started giggling and she probably thought we were crazy - after all the drinking and bladder control I’m pretty sure I’m heading that way!

Hello baby

Then there was Bean, moving loads like he was sharing our joke, he was probably relieved for some room after mummy’s full bladder.

The sonographer showed us his heart chambers and his brain, his bladder was full (again this made me smile) which means his kidneys are working, his spine which looked like a white miniature railway and his legs and arms which were thrashing around as if to say don’t worry mummy I’m fine - see!

I’ve just noticed I keep saying him but I genuinely don’t know what sex Bean is only that he’s fine (there I go again!!). The sonographer then started her measurements and the dating scan is two days earlier then we had originally calculated.

Then she got to the tricky part - the nuchal measurement. The sonographer was trying to measure a small area of fluid at the back of the neck but with Bean moving around a lot it was very hard for her.

They like to try and get three measurements so as to get an average, she got two before she tried a new tactic. I got to empty my bladder. Finally she got what she needed - typical after all that drinking!

Back in the waiting room I booked the next 20 week ultrasound scan based on the dates calculated from this ultrasound scan and our texted it to my husband straight away so he can book it off work (fingers crossed).

I paid four pound for the pictures and then I got called in for yet another blood test, honestly you forget what its like not to have blood taken almost weekly!
So here we are first pictures of Bean, hopefully you can decipher but I might go and get hubby to do some arrows to which bits are which.

I think I know and I show others confidently but I could be making a total fool out of him by saying his bum is head or something! Either way it is a beautiful head-bum!

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