Roanna and her husband Mark are expecting their second baby! After problems with polycystic ovaries, they're thrilled to be expecting a second time round, after taking so long to get pregnant the first time.
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Can I get pregnant?

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January was difficult for us as a couple - I was being tested for polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) as I’ve always had irregular and painful periods.

That meant I was starting and stopping my menstruation cycle all the time, so trying to get pregnant the first time was very difficult.

After all you never know when you’re ovulating.

My husband is a Sonographer and wanted me to get tested for pcos as he felt my symptoms had got worse.

It took me a while to make the appointment as I knew that pcos affects fertility and we really wanted another child. Putting off the appointment was just one way to put off the possible truth.

Unfortunately my blood test and ultrasound were positive for polycystic ovary syndrome so we went to the doctors to discuss our options.

As we were sat with the doctor the inevitable question was asked, "Are you trying for more children?"

We knew this question was coming and we had discussed our answer the night before. It had taken us two years to fall pregnant with baby number one, and now we knew why!

Admitting we were trying for a baby would start up the cycle of disappointment all over again; the sitting on the loo crying as you know your period has arrived to tell you once again what a disappointment you are as a women, surely everyone can get pregnant?!

The evidence seems to suggest it’s easy, some friends of mine conceived after just one month of trying (if you can call that trying)!

And celebrities’ churning out one baby after the other - having trouble getting pregnant feels very unfair. Both of us just didn’t feel we could go through the heartache again and again.

So our plan was to say yes to the doctor, continue to have very tired sex as and when, and not put pressure on ourselves by working out ovulation dates as we have no idea with my body doing its own thing.

Anyway having sex is a novelty when you have a 15 month old who rarely sleeps through the night - it hardly brings out the sexual beast out in you!

So we answered the doctor with a united “Yes -we are definitely trying.”

5 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 5

One month later, in February, and I was ready for the inevitable period when the weirdest thing happened... I started lactating!!

I assumed that it was to do with the pcos but it didn't really make sense.

So whilst out and about, I thought what's the harm and bought the cheapest pregnancy test thinking it would be the first thing a doctor would check.

I finally got home and totally forgot about it. Emptied the dishwasher, wrestled with the never ending laundry and played mountain climbing with our son.

After lunch is nap time for the little man so I put on his favourite film and snuggle for a cuddle - the best time of my day.

He drifted off and I took him to his cot. Then, I remembered - the test.

My bladder wasn’t full, and I knew it wasn’t the best time of the day to do it but hey I thought - it’s bound to be negative anyway...

SHOCK - doesn't even come close to how I felt when I saw the two red lines appear telling me I was definitely pregnant.

  • So many questions raced through my mind ... When did we have sex?!
  • What will our son feel like having a baby brother or sister?!...
  • When did we have sex....?
  • Oh no I'm going to put on loads of weight (after just losing the 3 stone I put on with the first baby)....
  • When did we have sex....?
  • When did we have sex....?
  • When did we have sex!!!!

Well... I thought, I’d better tell the hubby.

Mark was working away in Bristol and not back till the following day - thank goodness for multi media phones. I look a photo of the test with the subject heading: “guess who's joining the clan!”

Immediate phone call...."Really truly we’re pregnant again?"he sputtered.

Then with no pause for breath he bursts out:"I'm going to be a dad of two, that's awesome! How do you feel? I am such a ninja! Hang on when did we have sex?!"

Then it hit us... The sneaky sex session from a couple of weeks ago - the kind where you end up waking in the middle of the night and you don't know what's come over you both but it’s really horny!

Well that cleared that question up.

So how do I feel about all of this?

Well absolutely shocked but in a good way. I love the fact I’m pregnant again but then the reality hits me on how ill I was all the way through my first pregnancy... but hey they say two pregnancies are never the same.

I do feel really excited - our family is going to be four!




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