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The Stages Every Girl Goes Through During Pregnancy

by Cliche Wynter ,
The Stages Every Girl Goes Through During Pregnancy© Lionsgate Films

Getting the news that you're set to be a new mum comes with a flurry of emotions; and understandably so. Life is about to drastically change forever. But before your little bundle of joy arrives, you have to first make it through pregnancy. What's it like exactly? We've got the answers... And let's just say it isn't always sunshine and rainbows.

We're just going to go ahead and say it: women don't get nearly enough credit for bringing new life into this world. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have Mother's Day and all, but does that truly suffice?

From constipation to raging hormones, pregnancy just isn't the walk in the park many would like to imagine it to be.

Don't believe us? Brace yourselves. Here are the stages every girl girls through while preggo.

Am I pregnant?

You've been feeling a bit sicky and you've missed your period. Maybe it was something you ate? Maybe you're stressed out? Who knows?! Grab your keys, it's time to hit up the pharmacy.

The nerve-racking at home pregnancy test

You're waiting for the results and your heart is racing. Positive or negative? The anticipation builds...

The "just making sure" doctor's visit

"Just want to make sure everything is everything, you know? Maybe all 30 of those tests I took on my own were faulty. Doctor's know best."

Mild panic

Your doc finally confirms the news: yes, you're preggo. You're excited and anxious all at once.


After you come down from the shock, catch your breath, you accept it as a reality. Hello, world! There's a baby on board!

Wondering how to tell him

If you chose to find out the news on your own, you now have the task of breaking the news to him. Now to think of a clever way...

What now?

The rest of your life is about to begin... any month now.

Panic? Is that you again?

Wondering how to tell family and friends

Now it's time to figure out how to let your loved ones know. Your mum is gonna be over the moon! Yup, expect unsolicited pregnancy advice once you let her in on your secret.

Your heart melts hearing their heart beat

And the entire world stops in that second. You suddenly realise two heart beats are way cooler than one. Babies FTW!

Wait, there's someone living inside of me!

After you hear the heart beat, you get it. There's a living, breathing human inside of you. It's scary and beautiful.

Feeling the first kick

As it turns out, you've got a baby Beckham on your hands. Kick, little one, kick!

Being tired ALL of the time

No matter how much you sleep, you never feel quite rested. You find yourself constantly dozing off with a Rich Tea in hand. It's okay. We're here for you.

Stretch marks

You have to try to find the silver lining here (no pun intended). Ever had dreams of being a tiger? Hey, now's your shot.

Must. Have. More. Food!

At the rate you're eating, you might chow down on your trainers with whipped cream. You somehow find that exotic. Do your thing, love. No judgement here.

Generous amounts of gas

Followed by the look of shame when someone yells, "Did something crawl into a hole and die?!"

Just turn away. Don't let them get the best of you.

Dreaded heartburn

Yup, just another glorious part of the gestation process.

A bladder that just won't quit

You spend more time in the bathroom than you do out of it. How are you supposed to get all that sleep you can't get enough of? #PregnantGirlProblems


The urine won't stop and the poop won't flow. What kind of sick, twisted reality is this?

Congrats! You're now a psycho!

Hi, raging hormones. Glad you could join us this evening.

NONE of your clothes fit

And now you kind of resent everyone with really cute outfits.

Swollen like a balloon...

A puffy face AND cankles? Oh, heck no! Pretty hurts.

How long until I can drink again?

Pregnancy is fab and all, but that tequila? Oh, that tequila...are those days really behind you?

Crazy contractions

Just when you thought there wasn't anything more painful than cramps. Surprise!

Giving birth

You're almost home, sister! Push! Push!

The grand finale

Your baby has FINALLY arrived. The horrors of pregnancy are now becoming a distant memory. (Kind of.) Hooray!

What are some of the stages you went through when you were pregnant? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

Cliche Wynter
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