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Your pregnancy kit for mother and baby

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Your pregnancy kit for mother and baby

To ease yourself into motherhood, prepare everything you'll need for yourself and your baby a month before you're due to give birth.

Plan in advance for the birth
Equip yourself with a changing bag, small case or vanity case. Baby clothing should be very soft and easy to slip on; choose shirts and vests that button up rather than go over the head. For hygiene and allergy reasons, wash clothing using quality soap before the first time you put it on your baby. Newborn babies can't regulate their body temperature, so make sure you keep your baby well-covered. Babies should always wear one more layer of clothing than you. Unless you're sure your baby is going to be a big size, get a bodysuit and pyjamas in premature or the smallest size so that your little one is snug and cosy. If you or the dad-to-be suffer from allergies, remember you can now get hold of baby clothing in organic cotton from many online and high street retailers.

Here's a checklist to help you get everything you need together.

  • For your baby
    6 bodysuits/babygros
    6 sets of pyjamas
    5 vests
    3 gilets (at least one in soft wool)
    6 pairs of socks
    1 pair of slippers
    1 bonnet
    1 sleepsuit
    6 bibs
    4-5 cotton nappies
    3 small towels or flannels
    1 Grobag or baby sleeping bag

Think about your comfort
When you pack your own maternity kit, work on the premise that you're going to turn into an overjoyed but extremely tired new mum! You'll need to sleep and relax, so make sure you have comfortable clothing in very soft, natural, gentle fabric, and make sure you have enough clothes to be able to change whenever you feel the need to.

  • For you
    4 nightshirts that open fully to let you breastfeed
    1 extra soft shawl to cover you when breastfeeding
    1 nightgown
    1 dressing gown and two towels
    3 nice tops that you can slip on easily if you want to look smarter for guests
    5 pairs of disposable maternity knickers
    Your toilet bag
    1 water spray to keep by your bed
    If you are allowed to, bring an MP3 player or CD player and your favourite music

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