Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

How to sign up?

Go to the Experts Club homepage and click the ‘TAKE PART’ button next to one of our new product tests. You will then be asked to sign in to your Sofeminine account or create a new one. Once you are signed in you can register for a product test by clicking 'TAKE PART' and filling out the sign up form. You have a week to sign up for a new product test before the testers are chosen.

How are the testers selected?

The Sofeminine team will select the users who will carry out the product testing. The selection will be based on how well the user matches with the product that is being reviewed. It will also be based on the most interesting answers contained in the open question on the questionnaire. If there are no suitable testers for the product reviews, we have the right not to choose any of the applicants.

How do you know you have been chosen to test a product?

You will receive an email notification at the email address you provided on the registration form.

Will the tester have to pay any costs?

No, you will not be required to pay any cost. The product test is completely free.

Where will the product be delivered?

The product will be delivered to the address indicated by the user on the registration form. If you provide an incorrect/incomplete address that does not allow the carrier to deliver the product, you will automatically lose the role of tester for that given year.

What happens to the personal information contained on the registration form?

The data will only be used by sofeminine ltd or partners of the initiative to send the products to the user. If you accept, you can leave your details to receive communications from partners of Sofeminine.

What is the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is a set of questions the user will answer after testing the product.

Where can I find the questionnaire?

The user will receive an email with the link to the questionnaire.

Will the questionnaire answers be published?

Yes, the open question you were asked as part of the questionnaire will be published in the Tried By You section.

Is it compulsory to answer the questionnaire?

Yes, the questionnaire is mandatory.

What if I do not fill out the questionnaire?

Failure to answer the questionnaire will result in exclusion from testing products in the future.

How long do I have to test a product?

The deadline will be reported via email.

Do I have to sign up to take part in a new test every time?

Yes. Each time a new test goes live that you want to take part in you need to click the ‘TAKE PART’ button and fill out the registration form. You will not be automatically enrolled in to new tests.

Can I try different products together?

No, you can only try one product in any given time period.

Do I have to return the product after the test?

Generally, no. You are free to keep the product. However, depending on the nature of the product, we may request its return at our expense.

Do I have to be in the UK to take part?

Yes, you must be a UK resident to take part in the product tests.