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3 fun ways to tone your body
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EasyTone shoes


 - EasyTone shoes
WHAT are they?
Your soon-to-be favourite pair of shoes. Motivated by the proven benefits of Instability Training, Reebok used a technology inspired by balance ball to create EasyTones. Balance pods with moving air are built in to the shoe in order to provide instability with every step we take. Our muscles are forced to adapt and work harder.

WHO are they for?
Any woman wanting to tone her bum and thighs without too much hard work… that’s you, you say? Whether you’re a sports addict, you’re lacking motivation, you don’t have time for the gym or you’re struggling to find your fitness groove these shoes are for you.   

WHY will you love them?
Because they’re not the sort of trainers that can only be worn with a tracksuit. EasyTone shoes are available in seven styles to cover all types of activity from fitness enthusiast to smart-casual wear. You can even design your own pair.

To be clear: you’ll tone your bum, hamstrings, thighs and calves just by walking normally in a pair of EasyTone shoes. Genius, no?

WHEN can you wear them? Everyday if you feel like it. You can put them on before taking the dog out, meeting your friends for a shopping session, walking to the office… If you wear them for 30 minutes each day you're sure to see a difference. But don’t forget to walk.

WHERE can you get a pair?

To find a store near you or to order them online: www.reebok.com


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Article Plan 3 fun ways to tone your body
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