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How important is sport in your life?


 - How important is sport in your life?
Clare: Sport is really important to me. I enjoy it. Mentally it keeps me very positive. I’ve got a little boy whom I’m chasing around the house 24/7, so doing sport gives me a little boost of energy every now and then. And sport is very therapeutic. It’s good to clear your mind and take time out from your hectic schedule.

Jessica: My son is a bit older, he’s 11 so sport is a great bonding activity for us. We go on hikes together, we go walking at the beach, it’s so much fun. I think it’s so important to teach your kids a good work ethic, but also a good workout ethic. It’s really healthy for them. It’s wonderful when you can connect and incorporate sport in your life and also teach your children.

Karen: Sport is very important to me, if only to change my everyday life and daily routine. I go boxing once a week. It started as a sports activity within the company I work for, which is a lot of fun. I just feel better when I'm active.

I’ve always been a trainers kind of girl, but through EasyTone shoes I developed a total new awareness. Now I can go out in these shoes in the morning, and if I don’t manage to go to the gym that day, I won’t have to feel too guilty about it and can do it another day, because at the end of a long day you will feel your calves, thighs and bum.


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