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Toning up with no effort... it's possible!
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What advice would you give women that have been hesitant to try sports?


 - What advice would you give women that have been hesitant to try sports?
Karen: Don’t set your goal to working out five days a week. If that’s your New Year's resolution then you'll probably only last a week! Just get started slowly, stay very relaxed about it and don't stress.

Even if you sit at home and do some stretching, it's a great start. There’s no need to launch yourself into jogging, walking is just as good for you. Or just walk your dog in the afternoon. In the beginning, you won’t even be able to wear the shoes for 12 hours straight, because you'll feel their effect.

Clare: This is one thing the Reebok products are really good at because some women aren’t sporty or don’t have the time, but these shoes and the clothing inspire you to go out. And not necessarily to the gym, just a walk through the park will do.

And the more you use them and the more you see the results, the more confident you become. That's a massive motivation to go out and do more, believe me! You have to take little steps. There's no miracle cure - if you don't at least walk in your shoes they won't benefit you at all!

Jessica : Even when you go shopping or go out for lunch, you are actually toning. As long as you're moving, your body is benefitting.


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