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Toning up with no effort... it's possible!
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Questions for coach Isabelle Lalau-Keraly


 - Questions for coach Isabelle Lalau-Keraly
Yes, they do, because they trigger a desire to get moving: investing in a bike or a pair of shoes is the first step to making some changes to your life. In this case, you burn calories through a cardio activity: walking.

Nevertheless, people who want to slim down won't succeed through sport alone. On top of that, they need to watch what they're eating, which begins with a controlled, balanced diet. These shoes will therefore lead to energy expenditure that will go hand in hand with the person's diet.

Additionally, these shoes create instability and the body reacts by calling on posture muscles.

The second good thing is that these slimming shoes encourage blood flow in the legs which can help to slim legs down.

Because of this, there is effectively a "gym" effect on the body.


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